Online Program on CP-SAT (Weekdays) | Event in Mumbai | Townscript
Online Program on CP-SAT (Weekdays) | Event in Mumbai | Townscript

Online Program on CP-SAT (Weekdays)

May 14 '18 - Jun 01 '18 | 08:00 PM (IST)

Event Information

Instructor led online Selenium 3.0 program - BE A CP-SAT

About the Program

Agile Testing Alliance(ATA) is proud to announce Selenium 3.0 Instructor led online program.

 To read more about CP-SAT please visit the following URL’s

This program is a 15 day program covering the latest and most in demand areas in Selenium. Also includes access to Mock exam for CP-SAT. The program is intended for all those who cannot travel for our classroom training programs. 




Online Batch Size

Maximum participants in a batch not to exceed 15


14th May - 1st June (Weekdays Only)

Detailed Schedule : 

  •  Week 1 : 14th - 18th May
  • Week 2 : 21st - 25th May
  • Week 3 : 28th May - 1st June
  • Mock Examination will be given on 2nd June
  • Post Mock - You can schedule your CP-SAT Certification Examination

Timings : 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

About the trainers

All the trainers are Industry veterans who have written selenium books and implemented selenium solutions for enterprises. All trainers are expert mentors and have imparted many-many classroom trainings

Trainer Details :

Name : Pallavi Sharma


Pallavi Sharma has an overall professional experience of 12 years. In these years she has donned many hats in form of product/project manager, individual contributor, presales, marketing and trainer for the software testing domain. She is also a certified appraisal team member for CMMI-SVC v1.3

Currently Pallavi is working as a Independent Consultant, providing online training in collaboration with other organization.

Her web portfolio is available here -

Benefits of the Program 

Only program which helps and enables you to not only learn Selenium 3.0 but also be a CP-SAT

  • Only program which limits the participant size to 15, so that everyone can be given individual attention
  • Only program which gives you a live project on Core Banking Application. This helps you practice your learnings on a live project and show case this in your resume
  • Only program which gives you practice for appearing and clearing CP-SAT by giving you Mock exams for CP-SAT
  • Only program where the instructors are not only practitioners but licensed from Agile Testing Alliance
  • Only program which gives you continuous support in terms of not only recorded sessions but
    • Life time access to online learning program access on Udemy (worth $20) : Selenium Starter
    • Free core Java Program to kick start the selenium program
    • Mentorship and Career guidance at any point of life
    • Access to ATA meetups and thought leadership

Curriculum (30 hrs)

Selenium Fundamentals

  • Selenium history and overview  
  • Selenium components, WebDriver, Grid  
  • Using Regular expressions in tests  
  • Actions, Assertions and Accesors in Selenese

Selenium Locator Strategies

  • Concept of DOM and Webtables  
  • Locator and DOM related tools  
  • Structure dependant and attributes based locators  
  • Handling Javascript alerts, confirmation and prompts  
  • Handling AJAX and Test Synchronization

Selenium Servers

  • Installing and Configuring Selenium WebDriver in Eclipse  
  • Concept of WebDriver

Testing Frameworks for Selenium

  • What is Junit and TestNG? Similarities and Differences  
  • Junit Test Suites  
  • TestNG Test Suites  
  • Test Fixtures and Annotations  
  • Taking screenshots of the tests  
  • Page Factory and POM for better maintenance and reusability

WebDriver in various scenarios

  • Dealing with mouse hover in WebDriver  
  • Controlling browser attributes and navigation  
  • WebDriver user defined actions and keyboard entries  
  • Javascript action for scroll

WebDriver in various scenarios

  • Implicit, Explicit and Fluent wait  
  • Various flavours Chrome, IE and Firefox  
  • Data Driven frameworks for Excel  
  • Keyword-Driven Framework  
  • Hybrid Framework

Selenium Grid

  • Setup the Hub server  
  • Register the WebDriver Nodes and legacy RC nodes to the Hub server  
  • Parameterize the tests to run on various nodes  
  • Override the default parameters on the nodes

Selenium in CI/CD

  • Concept of CI/CD, Automating the Automation  
  • Using ANT for Jenkins Selenium testing tasks

Automation in Agile projects

  • Agile Manifesto  
  • Agile in Practice (Video)  
  • Incremental and Iterative development  
  • Scrum - Testing in iterations  
  • Testing challenges in Agile  
  • Test Automation

In case of any queries, please reach out to us at : / +91-8433919049


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