Why Townscript Live is the Best Skype alternative for virtual events

Townscript Live is a one-stop solution for hosting virtual events. It offers a robust online ticketing management mechanism to manage registrations, ticketing, accept payments and give restricted access to the ticket buyers. Townscript Live supports all types of virtual events as compared to Skype which is only designed for online meetings and calling.

6 Reasons why Townscript Live is the Best & Feature-rich Skype Alternative

You need more than a Video Conferencing tool

A Platform for all types of Virtual Events

Unlike Skype which is restricted to online meetings and voice calls, Townscript is a marketplace for events and activities supporting all kinds of virtual events like conferences, panel discussions, webinars, talk shows, and even virtual concerts and entertainment events.

Single platform for all your Needs

Smart Online Event Management Platform

Townscript offers a platform that simplifies the entire event management process on the organizer’s end. You can manage event registrations, ticketing, payments and even live-stream all in one place. The Townscript organizer dashboard provides valuable insight into the event registration data with easy to understand, real-time information.

Feel Free To Contact Us Anytime

24*7 Customer Support To Ensure A Hassle-Free Experience

Townscript provides dedicated account managers to help you with real-time queries via email, call, chat and WhatsApp whereas with skype you have limited options to get in touch with the customer service representatives. Skype cannot be used for emergency calling and thus making it difficult for users who may need help in times of emergency services.

Keep your Attendees Engaged

A Feature-rich Platform to serve you better

Townscript Live is designed to help you create an engaging and effective virtual experience for the participants and thus offer features like inviting attendee as a speaker, adding multiple speakers, event breakout sessions, conduct surveys, QnA and interaction via live polls.

Complimentary Promotions To Skyrocket Your Sales

Market Your virtual event for free

Ticket sales are extremely important for event organizers and thus Townscript offers complimentary marketing services to boost event sales using marketing channels that drive the best results. We create a marketing strategy that is tailored to your needs and execute it efficiently. You can leverage the Townscript marketplace to expand your event reach and sell paid tickets.

Bring Large Scale Events Online

Host & Market Large-Scale Live Events

Townscript Live offers an online venue where you can also host large scale events like music shows, concerts, etc and is not merely restricted to a conferencing or meeting platform. Townscript Live gives you the ability to host events that have participants count on the scale of thousands or even tens of thousands.

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