College Fest Management Software

Give your college fest attendees, an experience of a lifetime. Use software trusted by the best fests in the world like Mood Indigo, Antaragni, etc.

Why Townscript Is the best College Fest Management Software

Smart Registration Management

Townscript is an advanced platform to manage the entire event workflow, registrations, sales, payments, and attendees.

Create Fest Event page within seconds

Use Townscript’s intuitive dashboard to create your fest event page and registration page within seconds. List all fest related information on this event page to keep your attendees informed

Design Custom Registration Forms

Design custom registration forms to understand your fest attendees better. Use this data to be better prepared with logistics and also to predict the success of your future events.

Integrated Widget for your Website and Facebook

Make checkout experience smooth for your college fest attendees by helping them buy tickets on your event website and Facebook, without redirecting, using Townscript’s widget.

Smart Ticketing Management

Townscript offers an easy and intuitive platform to manage the ticketing needs for your event hassle free.

Offer Custom Ticket types

Offer multiple tickets to attendees such as Early Bird, VIP, Round 1, etc, and various discounts to attendees such as code discounts, group discounts, flat discounts, and access codes to attract more attendees.

Flexible Payouts

We practice clearing money on a daily basis so you can leverage additional cash flow for your event preparations.

Avail Prompt Customer Service

Our prompt customer service is at your disposal 24x7! Reach out to us on phone, email or on our social media channels.

Additional Smart Features

Townscript provides you with a few differentiators which no other platform provides. Here are a few benefits that would leave you in awe.

Manage Fest Attendee Data

Benefit from real-time data reports reflecting data of fest attendees. Reflect on key metrics such as revenue, check-in information, etc. both on web and mobile apps.

Event Promotion

Increase your reach using Townscript’s thousands of subscribers, share your event socially and boost your sales.

API Integration

Transfer participant data on your own server using our Registration API and access it directly from your server.
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