Why Townscript Live is the Best WebEx Alternative for Virtual Events?

With so many offline events going virtual which is proving to be a very viable option considering the current scenario, Townscript Live is a one-stop solution for all your virtual event needs that makes the entire transition as seamless as possible. With Townscript Live you can manage event registrations, sales, payments, live-stream all in one place. Whereas WebEx is merely a web conferencing tool.

Reasons Why Townscript Live is the Best and Cost-effective Alternative to WebEx?

One-Stop Solution For Your Virtual Events

Smart Event Attendee Management Software

Townscript Live offers a full-function tech-driven event registration system to streamline your event planning and attendee management and hence simplifies the entire event management process on the organizer's end. With Townscript Live you can manage event registrations, sales, payments, and live streams all in one place.

User Experience Is Important To Us

Townscript Offers A More Intuitive & Modern User Interface

The User Interface doesn’t have to be clunky and complicated. Townscript offers a well-designed and user-friendly interface that works like a breeze. Whereas WebEx still lacks in its interface quality and may get complicated for a layman to use without the proper guidelines.

Multi-User Access For Smooth Operation

Host multiple events from the same account

Townscript Live allows you to add multiple hosts to a single account. With the dashboard, multi-user feature team members can also create and host events. You can also conduct multiple events from a single account at the same time. Whereas WebEx does not provide any such feature.

Bring Offline Events Online

Host Events of all types and sizes

Townscript Live supports all kinds of virtual events like conferences, panel discussions, webinars, talk shows, and even virtual concerts and entertainment events. Townscript Live offers an online venue that gives you the ability to host events that have participants count on a scale of thousands or even tens of thousands. Whereas WebEx is merely a web conferencing tool.

Customer Support Always At Your End

Friendly & Responsive Customer Support Team

Townscript acknowledges your problems and hence commits to continuous backing via our customer support team. We have dedicated account managers to help you with real-time queries, unlike other video streaming tools which may take more than 24 hrs to revert.

Complimentary Promotions To Boost Your Event Sales

Market Your virtual event for free

Ticket sales are extremely important for event organizers and thus Townscript offers complimentary marketing services to boost event sales using marketing channels that drive the best results. We create a marketing strategy that is tailored to your needs and execute it efficiently. You can leverage the Townscript marketplace to expand your event reach and sell paid tickets.

We value your pockets

No Confusing Plans, Pay For What You Use

High monthly subscription plans may lead to unnecessary expenses if you are planning to host only a few events in a month and that is why Townscript Live offers event wise plans to help you get rid of such expenses and provides access to all the features irrespective of the plan you select. We ensure that our value proposition remains aligned to your needs.

Still not sure If you want to use Townscript?

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