Why Townscript is a better Event Ticketing platform than Peatix in South East Asia?

We've got you all the reasons to help you make the right decision and choose the best Peatix alternative. Below are some listed comparison between Townscript and Peatix. Hope you find what suits the best to you.

6 Reasons Why Townscript Is The Best Peatix Alternative?

Easy to use platform with superior & faster experience

Instantly setup your registration page within minutes

The platform is very easy to use and helps you setup your registration page within few minutes. Comes with many features like real time access to your dashboard, single click refunds / cancellation, Add-on tickets to up-sell merchandise, hotel stay etc, mobile event manager app to manage registrations on the go, robust event analytics like page views etc and more.

Seamless Integration with Your Website & Facebook

Seamless Integration With Your Website & Facebook

As smart Event Managers, we understand the Ticket buyers’ psychology of how smooth they expect the purchasing process to be. Unlike Peatix, we at Townscript provide seamless integration with your website & your facebook page., where we focus on not distracting your customers by changing payment gateways and help them complete the entire transaction on your website itself. In the case of Peatix, the ticket buyer gets redirected to Peatix Page which distracts the buyer.

Proactive support with promoting your Event

Promotional activities at ZERO cost.

Maximum sales of your event is all we want for you. Also, in this period of social media and most extreme digital presence, we see that it is essential to advance your event business on social media for most valuable deals. We help our clients by promoting their event on different social media channels as well as run advertising efforts for better conversions which obviously isn't done by Peatix. On account of Peatix, they give marketing help to their "Professional individuals" where complementary plan individuals are excluded.

More Comprehensive Discount Features

Townscript platform has 6 types of discounts

You don’t want to restrict yourself by just giving a group or code discount. There may be a case where you want to offer discounts to your previous event attendees or to only a certain group of people. Our platform helps allows you to offer six types of discounts to your attendees - Code, access code, flat, group, loyalty & affiliate. More discount types help you attract more attendees, sell better and also provide customer satisfaction to your attendees! On the other hand, Peatix provides only two types of discounts - Code & group.

Supporting local & secure payment options & currencies in your country

We support 130 currencies with country level local payment options

In Singapore, we work with Stripe & Paypal. In Indonesia, 80% of the transfers happen through ATM Bank transfer / Permata Bank transfer. In India, 40-50% of the transactions happen via Internet banking, E-Wallets & UPI (Unified Payment Interface). We at Townscript support these payment options in different countries to help you reach wider audience and eventually helps you sell more tickets.

Get Money to your account as soon as your start selling tickets

Faster Payout Cycle.

More often than not we have seen that the event organizers are paid after the delivery of the event. As your event ticketing accomplice, We at Townscript understand that a ton of angles are involved with sorting out an event and keeping up great income is important to help smooth event operations.

Still not sure If you want to use Townscript?

We will walk you through it!