AutomATAhon at #ATAGTR2017 | Event in Pune | Townscript
AutomATAhon at #ATAGTR2017 | Event in Pune | Townscript

AutomATAhon at #ATAGTR2017

Mar 04 '17 | 09:00 AM (IST)

Event Information

#ATAGTR2017 is brining another unique idea to the entire testing community – an automation challenge for all the testing organizations.

A pre-cursor live competition to more fun and activities in this year’s edition of  global testing retreat

Details are as follows

Date 4th March 2017


9:30 – Introductions and Rules

10:00 am to 4:00 PM – AutomATAhon (live application, live testing, live automation)

Working Lunch -> 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

4:00PM to 6:00 PM -> Jury Evaluation, presentations and demo

Competition Rule and information

1.       It is a team event (maximum 4 members in the team)

2.       Two applications will be provided for automation. One of them will be web based, another would be mobile application

3.       Participants will have to carry their own laptops and tools

4.       Participants can use any tool or internal framework

5.       Participants are free to use internet during the competition

6.       Participants are suggested to carry their own internet dongles (although the conference room has internet facility but due to concurrent bandwidth consumption, connectivity may be slow or drop completely)

7.       One person can be part of only one team

8.       One organization can nominate as many teams as they want

9.       Teams will not be allowed to talk to each other during the competition

10.   Participants can also form a cross organization teams (which means that team members can be there from different organizations)

11.   Evaluation will be based on following points (Evaluation criterion may get modified)

a.       Quality and number of scenarios chosen for both the applications for automation

b.      Ability to modify tests (changes, addition and deletion of test scenarios)

c.       Speed at which changes can be incorporated

d.      Speed of execution

e.      Maintenance effort

f.        Integration possibility  with any CI tool

g.       Integration with other shift left / continuous testing tools


12.   Jury’s decision would be final

13.   Final winners will be announced before #ATAGTR2017 conference days (16th and 17th March 2017)


Registration Cost

1.       The competition registration cost is 24,000 INR per team. Registration cost not only allows you to compete for the AutomATAhon but also gives free access to both days of #ATAGTR2017 – worth ~ 56,000 INR (14000 INR per person both day conference pass)



Team Benefits, Prize Money and Awards

1.       All teams  names and photos will be showcased on ATA social media and also on #ATAGTR2017 website

2.       All teams get entry to #ATAGTR2017 (both days) at no additional cost other than the registration cost for the event

3.       Winning team of the competition will be provided 51,000 INR Cheque and will be also given access to the speaker dinner on 16th night (great networking event)

4.       1st Runner Up and 2nd Runnerup teams will get ATA certification exam coupons for each member worth 6400/- per each member. Speaker dinner passes can be made available at a nominal cost of 2000 INR per person.

5.       All the winning team members will get felicitated with certificates in #ATAGTR2017


Organization Benefits  and Awards

1.       Each team entry will allow the organization to garner 400 Leaderboard points

2.       Winning team will allow the organization to garner 2000 Leader board points

3.       1st and 2nd Runner up Teams will allow their respective organizations to garner 1000 Leaderboard teams

4.       All three teams will be getting one organizational trophy

5.       All organization names and photos of the award ceremony will be showcased on ATA Social Media and #ATAGTR2017 website

6.       If the team members are from different organization points will be split as per the respective organizations


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