AI in Finance: Project-Based Workshop | Event in NA | Townscript
AI in Finance: Project-Based Workshop | Event in NA | Townscript

AI in Finance: Project-Based Workshop

Jul 02 - 17 '22 | 05:00 PM (IST)

Event Information

AI in Finance is a project-based workshop designed for finance enthusiasts and professionals to get a comprehensive understanding of how to acquire the right foundations to be part of the AI revolution in Finance. 

After the completion of this certificate workshop, you will understand what AI is and how it is used in finance. You will learn:
  • The exciting new fintech areas of crowdfunding, robo-advising, financial social platform, and the democratization of trading and investments.
  • What AI and machine learning are, and how to use their algorithms.
  • How large financial institutions and fintech startups use AI to improve their financial products.


This workshop is designed for people with analytic skills and familiarity with supervised learning. The workshop assumes a basic understanding of Python programming, computer science and statistics, with exposure to vectors and matrices, and basic concepts of probability. A high-level understanding of programming is also beneficial. An email containing some reading material will also be sent across 2 to 3 days prior to the workshop so that participants can join - prepared.
Dates and Timings:
  • Dates: 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, Saturdays and Sundays, July 2022.
  • Timings: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Indian Standard Time.
  • Links: Joining links, learning material, and other details will be shared via email.
  • Certificates will be provided, upon attending at least 3 out of the 6 sessions.
  • Enrollment for this Bootcamp is limited to 50 participants to allow for more personalized instruction.


This session will be based on the applications of deep learning /stochastic learning on different aspects of finance, inclusive of portfolio optimization, quant trading strategies, exchange forecasting, analysis and brief overviews of standard HFT methodologies and crypto. Most of the focus will be on Time series forecasting, Deep Reinforcement Learning, algorithmic trading methods and stochastic processes.
  • Portfolio Optimization (Week 1: Sat-Sun): Learning to optimize stocks and returns from S&P 500 securities to make a balanced portfolio. This will be heavily based on complex reinforcement learning agents who will be trained to manage portfolios following the standards of S&P trading.
  • Forecasting (Week 2: Sat-Sun): Automated stock price prediction using RL agents and time series. This includes forecasting rates, equities and financial asset returns and exploring different quant methodologies for long and short term growths. 
  • HFT & Credit Risks (Week 3: Sat-Sun): This is entirely based on HFT methodologies and how simple NNs to complex transformers can get good trading strategies; This would also cover credit risk methodologies, loan fault predictions and other predictive learning applications. Some part would be devoted to trading in the crypto space.
Instructor profile: Abhilash Majumder, NLP Research Scientist at MSCI Inc, author and contributor to Google Research, Tensorflow, and PyPi. Ex - HSBC, NIT Durgapur. LinkedIn:
Ticket price (all-inclusive):
Note: Valid college/organization ID or general ID proof (Aadhar Card) is necessary at the time of registration.
  • Indian participants: 2499/- (Early Bird, Register on or before 19th of June); 2999/- (Late Registrant, Register on or after 20th of June).
  • International participants: $65. Payment via PayPal. 
A flat 10% GROUP DISCOUNT is available if you register in a group of three or more.

Have queries about the event? Feel free to contact: +918329941605.

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