Why Women Love Me | Event in NA | Townscript
Why Women Love Me | Event in NA | Townscript

Why Women Love Me

Nov 24 '21 | 02:00 PM (CEST)
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Following up on the one night stand post at Loveawake dating sire blog, I think it's time for something for those of you that just want girlfriends:

Night Clubs Are Not Where You Find A Girlfriend

And I believe this is the main mistake guys make. They go to night clubs trying to find a girlfriend. When women go to night clubs, it's for one of two reason; To have a one night stand (with the right guy), or to hang out with their friends. Seldom, will younger women ever go to night clubs to find a boyfriend. Why? Because women tend to believe that guys in night clubs only want one thing: Sex. In other words, that's where they go when they want what the guys there are offering, and that's unattached sex.

Where Do You Find A Girlfriend?

I've NEVER had a long-term girlfriend as a result of a random pick-up in a night club. I was either introduced through a common friend, or we were involved in shared social activities. If you look at most couples, that's how they met.

Rarely, will it ever work if you meet someone in a night club. Why? Because you're shooting in the dark, hoping that it'll work out. If you have common friends and/or social activities, then you can at least count on having something in common.

And if you have similar friends, the awkwardness of introducing a new person to her already established social circle is eliminated. Most of the reason why women flake on men that they meet in night clubs is simply because they want to avoid this awkwardness. Women tend to stick with men inside their social circles because there is less anxiety.

Almost all of my friends that are in relationships met each other through a common friend or social activity. And that's why many guys in the seduction community have difficulty finding a decent girlfriend. Although they may have pick-up ability, they have no social network or activities outside of the seduction community. I always knew I could find a girlfriend, even before I had developed my game, simply because I have a large social circle and the women within it tend to like my humorous personality.

Stay True To Yourself

You can't have a successful relationship if the only thing the woman knows about you is what you learned in some pick-up guide. Eventually, she's going to see you for who you really are. So, you're better off just being yourself from the very start. And it's much more relaxing knowing that the girl is with you because of who you are and not because of some facade you put up to initially win her over.

So Much Easier

What you'll find through shared activities and social circles, is that women are less likely to flake. Most of these women figure that they'll at least give you a chance, as long as you aren't repulsive. Outside of a night club, they are able to see you as a date-able guy, and not just a guy who only wants one thing (sex). If you pay attention to most social circles over time, you'll start to see people pair off into two's, so it's pretty much expected that at some point in time, these women are going to end up dating the guys they hang out with.

What You Should Be Doing

It is not enough to just invest into pick-up skills. You have to invest in developing a social life as well. You need to be taking up activities that women are involved in, and you need to be trying to make as many friends as you possibly can, as it will make things so much easier for you. You'll often find that if you're a decent guy, you won't even need pick-up skills, as you'll just naturally end up in a relationship due to common interests.

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