TTTribeCast Webinar: - "DORA metrics for testers" by James Espie | Event in NA | Townscript
TTTribeCast Webinar: - "DORA metrics for testers" by James Espie | Event in NA | Townscript

TTTribeCast Webinar: - "DORA metrics for testers" by James Espie

Feb 15 | 09:00 PM (IST)
Online Event

Event Information

Hello, Testers,

With great pleasure, we announce the upcoming event of our #TTTribeCast Webinar series, "DORA metrics for testers" by James Espie

When is it happening?

Wednesday, February 15th | 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM IST

What will James speak about:

This session is an introduction to the four DORA metrics like deployment frequency (DF), lead time for changes (MLT), mean time to recovery (MTTR), and change failure rate (CFR). We will discuss what they are, what they mean, and specifically why testers should be concerned with improving these metrics.

DORA Metrics, crafted by brilliant minds of Google, serves as a GPS for DevOps teams, guiding them toward peak performance. These metrics are sharpened from data taken from thousands of organizations and offer a panoramic view of DevOps performance.

The four cardinal metrics, Deployment Frequency, Lead Time for Changes, Time to Restore Service, and Change Failure Rate, act as signposts, helping organizations pinpoint and remove roadblocks in their software delivery journey, thus propelling their DevOps teams toward unparalleled success.

Like a compass for a ship, DORA Metrics guides software development companies, IT departments, and other organizations that rely on software delivery, through choppy waters of performance measurement. These metrics act as a lighthouse, illuminating bottlenecks in the software delivery process, and charting a course toward organizational excellence. They are most trusted & widely used by many organizations.

Key Takeaways:

  •  Attendees will be able to identify the four DORA metrics
  • Attendees will have an understanding of the impact of improving these metrics

About James Espie:

James is a software tester, currently making life easier for tradies as an engineering manager at Fergus.

He is passionate about building quality software, and high performing engineering teams.

He is also the author of the testing newsletter, Pie-Mail. (


A) Where can I join the online community?

=> Join thousands of other Testers here-

B) Which platform would be used for this online Meet-up?

=> We will be using Airmeet, and the joining link will be shared over an email close to the event date.

What is TTTribeCast? 

TTTribeCast is the Webinar Series by The Test Tribe where any Tester from the World can take up the virtual stage and share his/her knowledge with our Tribe.

The format is simple. The speaker goes live, and shares his/her knowledge on the decided topic, followed by a quick Q&A through comments on the Live Video.

About The Test Tribe:

The Test Tribe is a leading global Software Testing Community (proudly Asia’s Largest) turned EdTech Startup. Started in 2018 with a mission to give Testing Craft the glory it deserves while we co-create Smarter, Prouder, more confident Testers.

We take pride in creating unique global Events, Online Community spaces, and eLearning platforms where Software Testers across the globe collaborate, learn and grow.

With around 200 Software Testing Events like Conferences, Hackathons, Meetups, Webinars, etc., and with other Community initiatives, we have reached a global footprint of over 70K+ Testers.

We intend to be a one-stop destination of choice for Testers across the globe for their upskilling and community needs.

Join thousands of other Testers in the community. Discord Community 

See you all at Live Hour.

Happy Learning! Happy Testing!

The Test Tribe Team


This is an online event
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