TRIZ for X | Event in Pune | Townscript
TRIZ for X | Event in Pune | Townscript

TRIZ for X

Nov 11 - 15 '19 | 09:00 AM (IST)

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India is among the fastest growing economies for the past couple of years. Today’s market is a meeting place of the informed consumers on the one hand, and corporations with a growing capability to deliver with technology and social media, serving as strong enablers.
This churn has posed many challenges to business offering designers, requiring to put on their innovative hats at all stages of the business cycle.
TRIZ as an innovation enhancing tool has a firm foothold in many leading organisation with its ability to effectively handle existing and future anticipated problems reliably. What has been established in engineering and design functions is being discovered to be applicable other business functions.
TRIZ for X this time promises to offer a ring side view of how TRIZ techniques could help solve problems faced by any business function in various domains..

Topics of Discussion in the TRIZ for X :

Best practices of application of TRIZ in the areas of business and management 
TRIZ for adjacent Market discovery
TRIZ to draft Bullet Proof Business Strategy
Application of TRIZ in Supply chain & Logistics
......and many more

For more details about the TRIZ for X conference follow the link  :  

Overview of the BASIC LEVEL TRIZ Workshop :

TRIZ (Theory of Solving Inventive Problems) originated as a method and toolbox to accelerate technical innovation.
TRIZ helps to obtain innovative solutions which result from breakthrough changes of engineering systems. However, both business and engineering deal with systems and interactions between system components. Most of problems which require innovative solutions in both engineering and business systems can be presented as conflicts of demands towards systems and system interactions.

Thinking patterns used for problem solving are universal and help to transform systems and system relationships.
Therefore, the same process and the same patterns can be used to generate solution strategies for solving innovative problems in both technology and business.
TRIZ studies discovered high-order systems evolution patterns
by studying evolution of a large diversity of systems.
A number of the same universal patterns can be used for innovative improvement of any type of system: engineering or business.
For more details about the workshop please follow the link :  


Holiday Inn Pune Hinjewadi
Hinjewadi, Near BAlewadi Stadium, Pune, India
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