Thai Film Festival in Mumbai | Event in Mumbai | Townscript
Thai Film Festival in Mumbai | Event in Mumbai | Townscript

Thai Film Festival in Mumbai

Mar 29 - 31 '18 | 06:00 PM (IST)

Event Information

Thai Film Festival in Mumbai, 29th – 31st March 2018 

Auditorium 1, National Museum of Indian Cinema (NMIC), Films Division, 

24 Pedder Road, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai

Thai Film Festival showcases 8 Thai films from various genres: Short Film, Animation, Documentary, Classic Drama, Comedy Drama, Action, and Horror. All films are screened in Thai language with English subtitle. Thai snack will be provided for all movie lovers. All are **FREE OF CHARGE**

29th March 2018
6.00 pm. Opening Reception 
7.00 pm. Nine (Short Animation)
7.10 pm. The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra (Animation, Action, Fantasy)

30th March 2018
2.00 pm. By the Time it Gets Dark (Drama)
4.00 pm. Twin Monkeys (Action)
6.00 pm. Premika (Horror)

31st March 2018
2.00 pm. Phantom of Illumination (Documentary)
4.00 pm. Santi – Vina (Classic Drama)
6.00 pm. Bad Genius (Comedy Drama)

29 March 2018

Screening Time: 7.00 pm.




Director: Mr. Chawalit Kaewmanee and Ms. WanichayaTangsutthiwong

Genre: Short Film, Animation

Length: 8.34 mins.

Initial release: 2014

Awards and Festival History:

  • Beverly Hills FF: Best Animation

  • California International Shorts Festival: Best Animated Short Film

  • NonStopAnimació Barcelona: Audience Award for Best Short Film

  • Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood: Best Animated Short Film & Original Score

  • The Los Angeles New Wave IFF: Best Animated Visual

  • World Arts FF: Best Animation

11 award winnings and 21 official selections for international screenings, Nine is a haunting tale of a Grey Cat, afraid of losing his final life, makes a deal with devil and gets much more than he bargained for.


Screening Time: 7.10 pm.




Director: Mr. Nat Yoswatananont and Mr. Gun Phansuwon

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Length: 1 hr. 42 mins.

Initial release: January 2018

Beautifully choreographed action inspired by the martial art of Muay Thai in a fantasy setting. The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra focuses on adventure and journey in the world of human, giant, monkey that live together. It is a world-class animation created by a team of more than 200 Thai and Hollywood animators. Its making takes over 4 years and more that 100-million-rupee budget.

30 March 2018



Screening Time: 2.00 pm.



Director: Ms. Anocha Suwichakornpong

Genre: Drama

Length: 1 hr. 45 mins.

Initial release: December 2016

Awards and Festival History:

  • Thailand National Film Association Award: Best Picture, Best Director

  • QCinema: Jury Special Mention,

  • Osaka Asian FF: Special Mention Award

  • International Screenings: Locarno Film Festival, Toronto IFF, BFI London FF, Singapore IFF, IFF Rotterdam, Busan FF

Highly admired by international critiques and honored as Thailand’s entry for Best Foreign Film at Oscar, “By the Time it Gets Dark” examines whether artists can relate to grim events from the past through a film-within-a film premise. As the film takes place, audiences are asked to question whether people can truly understand the historical trauma of what happened through viewing philosophical passages of action made up of increasingly surreal and beautiful images juxtaposing a peaceful and prosperous present with those brutal events of the past and the ghosts that remain.

Screening Time: 4 pm.


Twin Monkeys


Director: Mr. NonthakornThaweesuk

Genre: Action

Length: 1 hr. 30 mins.

Initial release: February 2016

Awards and Festival History:

UGU FF: Best Action Film, Best Actor

Inspired by martial arts culture in traditional Chinese and Thai theatre plays, Twin Monkeys excel in its action scenes choreographed by internationally renowned martial art and action chorographer who himself plays a main character. Real action and no stand-in! 

Screening Time: 6 pm.




Director: Mr. Siwakorn Jarupongpa

Genre: Horror, Comedy

Length: 1 hr. 30 mins.

Initial release: December 2017


When a new resort is opened in the forest, famous celebrities are invited to the party launch and to spend the night there. Someone happens to plug in the old karaoke machine, and a young girl ghost in Japanese school uniform comes out and starts killing everyone by making them sing! Whoever doesn’t sing to her liking, she kills them! Why is she killing them? What does she want? Sing along and run away as the gore and laughter begins! 

31 March 2018



Screening Time: 2 pm.


Phantom of Illumination


Director: Mr. Wattanapume Laisuwanchai

Genre: Documentary

Length: 69 mins.

Initial release: 2015

Awards and Festival History:

  • Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival: Special Mention

  • Taipei Film Festival: Official Selection

  • Singapore IFF: Official Selection


Once upon a time, 35 mm films cinemas were mainstream entertainment in Thailand. As time went by, these old-fashioned cinemas are forgotten and became second-class movie theatre showing double feature or pornography and eventually closed down. Phantom of Illumination is a documentary account of life of a man who lost his 25-year job as a 35-mm films projectionist. His lifelong skill suddenly became useless. He lost all hope, turned into analcoholic, tried to study Dharma, and continue living in mixed reality with his own fantasy.

Screening Time: 4 pm.



Director: Mr. Marut (Thavi Na Bangchang)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Length: 1 hr. 54 mins.

Initial release: December 1954

Awards and Festival History:

  • Film Festival in Southeast Asia in Tokyo (1954) - Golden Harvest Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction.

  • Association of Motion Picture Producers of America – Special AMPP Award for “the Feature Picture which will Best Disseminate Asian Culture and Increase Understanding of Asia by the West”.

  • International Screening: Cannes Film Festival (Cannes Classic)

First released 1954, the film was lost for 60 years before restoration in 2014 from the original camera and sound negatives preserved at the British Films Institute. Santi-Vina is the first Thai feature film shot in color 35 mm. It is also the first Thai feature film to win international recognition and officially selected for Cannes Classic. Santi-Vina is a story of a karmic triangle that bound three lives together. The story revolves around the life of a blind boy, the girl he loves, his rival, and a respectable monk who nurtured him to realize that real happiness in life is entering the land of Buddha. 

Screening Time: 6 pm.



Director: Mr. NattawutPoonpiriya

Genre: Drama

Length: 1 hr. 30 mins.

Initial release: May 2017

Awards and Festival History:

  • New York Asian FF: Jury Award, Raising Star (leading actress)

  • Fantasia IFF: Best Director, Best Film, Audience Award (Best Asian Feature and Most Innovative Feature Film)

  • 26th Fukuoka IFF: Audience Award

  • 21st Toronto Reel Asian IFF: Menkes Audience Choice Award

  • Thailand National Film Association Award: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Leading Actor, Best Leading Actress, Best Screen Play, Best Cinematography


Inspired by real-life news of students cheating on the international standardized exam, the film transplants the heist film structure to a school-exams setting, and features themes of class inequality as well as teen social issues. Rank in top 6 for worldwide box office in October 2017 and screened all over the world, Bad Genius became a talk of the town in numerous international film festivals that it has been screened and awarded. The film also won a record-breaking award both in Thailand and international festival circuit. It is by far the highest grossing and most internationally successful Thai Film.









Films Division (National Museum of Indian Cinema - NMIC Auditorium 2)
24 Pedder Road, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai
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