POWER PEAKS SWIMATHON 2021 | Event in Maharashtra | Townscript
POWER PEAKS SWIMATHON 2021 | Event in Maharashtra | Townscript


Dec 19 | 06:00 AM (IST)

Event Information

                                          POWERPEAKS SWIMATHON 2021

Attention Athletes !!!

Team Power Peaks presents you with this year's first-ever Swimathon in Pune.

All the swimmers out there book your calendar for 19th December.

The event will include a 500m sprint race, 1km, 3km, 5km & 10km open water swim respectively.

Limited registrations are available.

Register Now to challenge your limits.

All the finishers will get a digital certificate, finisher medal, attractive T-shirt, Swim cap, breakfast, exciting prices for podium finishers, and a lifetime experience!

                                                   RULES AND DISCLAIMER

• Participants of the 5 km, 10 km swimathon must provide a previous OPEN WATER SWIMMING certificate. Completion certificates of a half/full distance triathlon will be accepted as the previous certification for the 10 km swimathon.

• Those without previous certificates will not be allowed to participate and the registration will be rejected with no refund of registration fees. In special circumstances, please email us and we will take the call.

• Garmin/ strava files will be accepted as confirmation for swim capability.

• Confirmed athlete’s identity and proof of age will be verified with the details provided in the registration form. Where any information and/or any document provided by a participant at any point in time before the race is found to be falsified to meet eligibility criteria, the registration will be canceled with no refund of registration fees, and the said athlete will be either be temporarily/permanently banned from participation in future events by PowerPeaks.

• Requests to switch between categories/races will be entertained till 30th November 2021 and must be submitted via e-mail ONLY. Kindly note that switching to the long-distance race will require the difference in registration cost + Rs 500 extra to be paid via bank transfer. There will be no refund of the difference in registration cost when switching to the shorter distance race after 30th November 2021.

• The registration form and the right to participate in the event and the rights and benefits available to the participant are at the sole discretion of Power Peaks.

• As the provider of services, Power Peaks will operate under a covenant of good faith and fair dealing, but that it may be necessary to terminate the event due to forces of nature, medical necessities, or other reasons for the safety of all participants, volunteers and spectators. In the event of cancellation of the event, the best possible refund policy in the interest of the participants will be adopted. Travel and accommodation expenses incurred by participants do not fall under the refund policy in case of event cancellation. These expenses are to be borne by the participants alone. The decision of the organizers is final and binding in all matters about the event.

• It is mandatory for participants to collect his/her race kit personally during the scheduled times. Make sure you know your race number before coming to pick up your kit. You will have to check and confirm your data. Race kit pick-up will available at Power Peaks HQ, Pimple Nilakh, Pune beginning on 16, 17 Dec from 11 am to 6 pm. Swimmers who have not picked up their race kit within the specified times will not be allowed to participate in the race.

• Swimmer must carry with him/her Photo ID proof

-In the case of a minor (< 18 years of age), a parent or guardian will require to provide ID proof as well. Guardians will need to hand over the authorization letter as mentioned previously. Also, the guardian needs to be physically present with his/her ward during the day of the event.

• Failure to comply with the above rules for race kit collection will result in immediate disqualification.

• For security reasons, swimmers are requested to come to the race with minimal baggage. It is strongly recommended that you do not leave valuables like mobile phones, cameras, jewelry, watch, electronic gadgets, etc. in the bag stored. A luggage deposit area will be available at the event venue, which will require all bags to be signed in and signed out by swimmers. Organizers, however, are not responsible for any loss of baggage and/or its belongings.

• All the races will be electronically timed by timestamp and athletes will get a digital certificate post the race.

• All swimmers shall maintain the spirit of sport and refrain from pushing and shoving other swimmers either at the start, the finish, or during the race. Observance of any hostile behavior will lead to immediate disqualification.

• If a swimmer needs rest or water, he is to signal the nearest kayak/boat who will assist him/her with a flotation device; swimmers are NOT allowed to hold onto moving kayaks/jet-skis.

• Volunteers and race officials are to be treated with respect and courtesy – non-compliance by the participant towards volunteers or race officials will lead to immediate disqualification.

• Wetsuits are optional. However, to keep the race fair for all swimmers, athletes using wetsuits shall not be considered for the podium places.

• Tow floats (swim buoys) are allowed

• We will be providing swim caps as per categories, with specific color codes and numbers. Every swimmer must wear their provided color-coded caps and numbers.

• Safety Lifeguards, ambulances & doctors will be stationed at the location to deal with all kinds of emergencies.

• Aid stations – Electrolytes, dates, chikki, bananas, and water, etc. will be provided.

  • All participants are requested to carry their double vaccination certificate on the day of the event.
  • In the case of a single vaccination, the participants are requested to carry their RT-PCR test certificate.
  • Please note, failure to abide by the above rules may lead to disqualification from the race.

• Cut off timings:

500M - 30mins

1 KM - 45mins

3 KM - 2hrs

5 KM - 3.5hrs

10 KM - 6.5hrs

• Age group categories:

Distance & age group

500m all age groups 

1km all age groups 

3km u-17, 18 to 45, 45 n above

5km u-17, 18 to 45, 45 n above.

10km u-17, 18 to 45, 45 n above.

All age groups mean 

Below 8, 8 to 13, 14 to 23, 24 to 39, 40 to 59, 60 n above

• Flag off timings:

7am for 5km & 10km

7.15 am for 500m

8.15 am for 1km

9.15 am for 3km

Participants can take part in multiple events if they can finish their 1st race and can get ready at start line for another event. 

e.g. participants can take part in 500m & 1km/3km race.

• The categories mentioned are subject to change based on the number of participants registering for the event.

• The Number of winners per category per age group is subject to change depending on the number of participants.

For eg: If there are 10 participants, the winner will be only 1.

If there are 15 participants, the winners will be 2.

If there are 20 participants, the winners will be 3.


Kasarsai Dam
Pune, 10 km from Hinjewadi, Maharashtra, India
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