SRT ULTRA 2023 | Event in Thoptewadi | Townscript
SRT ULTRA 2023 | Event in Thoptewadi | Townscript


Dec 09 '23 | 06:00 AM (IST)

Event Information

SRT ULTRA 2023 - 9 DECEMBER 2023


11Km - 25Km - 53Km - 100Km


11km Sinhagad Half Vertical Kilometre: 11km with elevation gain of 700 meters ASL. Cut off time - 3 hours. Aid Stations - 1.

25km Sinhagad to Rajgad (S2R): 25km with elevation gain of around 1000+ meters ASL. Cut off time - 6 hours. Aid Stations - 2. 

53km Sinhagad Rajgad Torna (SRT): 53km with elevation gain of 2320+ meters ASL. Cut off time - 12 hours. Aid Stations - 5.

100Km Sinhagad Rajgad Torna Lingana (SRTL): 100km with elevation gain of 3870+ meters ASL. Cut off time - 24 hours. Aid Stations - 8.


SRT Ultra Marathon is a thrilling run of the ancient route which connects the Sinhagad-Rajgad-Torna forts, more popularly known today as “SRT”. This route has become the magnum opus of trail and mountain running 53K marathon routes of Pune, Maharashtra and its surrounding areas because of its historic and aesthetic importance.The SRT route has been used in the past as a catalyst in commuting, trading, and farming apart from being the battleground for many kings who ruled these mountains. Of these, Rajgad fort was Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's capital in the 17th century Maratha empire.

The SRT trail is now a heritage walk, with the magnificent Sinhagad, Rajgad and Torna forts standing tall in between this route, each reflecting stories of the rich and glorious past of Pune.

To summarise in short, in this day and age, a new stage is set - a new battle to conquer these ancient Sinhagad-Rajgad-Torna forts in the form of a high voltage, endurance filled mountain running marathon in the Sahyadri range!


*All registration prices are inclusive of taxes paid towards Maharashtra State Goverment Authorities

9 December, 2023
11km | 25km | 53km | 100km
Starting Line: Golewadi Square (similar to the 1st edition)
Finishing Line: Please check course route for individual categories.
100km- 6: 00 am
53km- 6: 05 am
25km- 6:10 am
11km- 6:15 am


Bib number with timing chip
Finisher T-shirt
Well stocked Aid-Stations
Finisher medal
Post race meal
Finishers of 25km & 53km within cutoff timing will get ITRA & UTMB Points


11 KM - 0 Point  
25 KM - 1 Point  
53 Km - 3 Points
100 Km - 4 Points


Well stocked aid stations at designated km points (aid-station map will be provided). Aid stations will provide drinking water, electrolyte drink, sweet snacks, glucose biscuits, salted snacks, fruits and primary first aid. Please plan to run with at least 1 litre of water on you, and some food for self-support. SRT Ultra Marathon is a semi supported run.


Shuttle service facility will be provided only to participants taking part in the 25K and 53K category from the finish point of their individual categories, back to the starting oint of Golewadi square of Sinhagad ghat road. Details are as follows:

25K : only the participants taking part in this category will be transported from base village Gunjavane (finish line) back to the starting point of Sinhagad base, after the marathon. There will be no extra cost charged for this facility.
53K & 100k : only the participants taking part in this category will be transported from base village Velhe (finish line) back to the starting point of Sinhagad base, after the marathon. The participants who have DNF at the intermediate cut off time will also be transported to the finish line at Velhe. There will be no extra cost charged for this facility.

*There will be no transport facility for the 11K participants.

*There will be no other transport facility apart from the above 2.


Following are the Rules and Regulations for participating runners:
  1. All participants must abide by the rules and regulations of SRT Ultra Marathon. The Race Director’s and other associates of WGRF’s decision is final in any case.
  2. All participants must have completed 18 years of age on or before 9/12/2023. 
  3. Eligibility criteria: to participate in 25Km, you must have completed at least 1 half marathon race on or before 25 November 2023. To participate in 53Km or 100km, you must have completed at least 1 full marathon or 50km+ ultra marathon race on or before 25 November 2023. 11km anyone can participate.
  4. All participants must understand and participate in SRT Ultra Marathon at their own personal risk.
  5. All participants must be physically fit and mentally able to participate in SRT Ultra Marathon. Medical certificate is a must for all participants, you will email us the medical certificate at
  6. You release and waive WGRF, their volunteers, and partners from liability for all losses, damages, injury, claims, demands, expenses, and any other liability, physical, psychological, or otherwise, directly or indirectly arising out of your participation in SRT Ultra Marathon.
  7. You will be present at the pre-race briefing meet where you will be collecting your marathon bib on time. Marathon bib will strictly not be provided any time after the meet.
  8. While collecting your bib and number, you will produce a photo identity proof like Aadhar card/ passport and your receipt of registration at the bib collection counter for verification purpose.
  9. Individual numbered bibs will be provided to each and every participant, which should be worn and visible in the front part of every runners body. Do not hide your bib numbers with clothing.
  10. On race day all participants must arrive and report at the venue 1 hour prior to the start of SRT Ultra marathon.
  11. All participants must possess all the necessary gear for mountain and trail running with them during the marathon. The compulsory items include mobile phone with our helpline number saved, trail running shoes and socks, choice of running apparel, bandana (buff), gloves, wind proof jacket, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, minimum 1 litre of water, electrolyte powder or tablet, headlamp, also trekking poles (if necessary), 1 or 2 fruits, energy bar/gels. 
  12. You must be aware that the property you will be running on is the property of Maharashtra State Forest Department, Maharashtra State Archeology Department, Maharashtra State Public Works Department, Village Gram Panchayat limits, and that you will respect the environment you are passing through at all times.
  13. You will manage to deal with any difficulties that arise with you by yourself, without outside help, with regards to climatic and geographical conditions at high altitude.
  14. You will manage yourself with physical and mental problems that arise from small injuries, muscle and articular pains, fatigue, nausea, digestive problems. Be totally aware that WGRF will not be able to help you manage these problems. 
  15. We reiterate that you will be present in a very fragile eco-system, we require you to have prior mountain running training/experience to have the required presence of mind during the marathon.
  16. All participants must stay on the official marked course during their run of the marathon.
  17. The entire course will be well marked, ensure to keep an eye on the stewards stationed at various points who will caution you to go slow. There are points where the soil is very loose, so in order to avoid accidents it is mandatory for the runners to look before you proceed. 
  18. There are special check points where chains and bolting have been done, please tread carefully in this area. Maximum attention is required from runners at Nagphani mountain before Vinzar, Rajgad descent underneath Sanjeevani Machi, and Torna ascent near Budhla Machi, Torna ridgeline near Konkan Darwaza, and Torna descent.
  19. The course is marked on the route, summits, passes, forks, junctions, hazardous locations. Keep your eyes open for marked signs along the way.
  20. The course is filled with beautiful single track trails, and breathtaking single track mountain ridges. Strictly no overtaking in these areas, watch out for no overtaking signs. We do not want you or your fellow participants to risk your safety.
  21. In case of emergency or injury to you or fellow participant, contact our helpline numbers and mention your current location and type of assistance required. 
  22. Usage of trekking poles is optional, but if you are using them, you will have to make sure you are not getting them in fellow runner’s way, and protect them from the points of the poles.
  23. Participants must not throw trash/rubbish/garbage outside of 50m radius of an aid station. There will be a penalty of 60 minutes loss in timing for throwing trash/rubbish/garbage that you possess anywhere on the marathon route.
  24. There will be disqualification from the marathon if you shortcut the route by not following the signage, voluntarily or involuntarily. 
  25. There will be disqualification if you do not pass through compulsory check points. 
  26. There will be a straight disqualification from the marathon if you have caused physical harm and injury to any of the fellow participants.
  27. You will give your full consent to the medical staff for providing you medical treatment during the marathon.
  28. Competitors must give assistance to fellow participants who my injured or distressed. We will take into account the time spent on this assistance.
  29. Any retirement (self or forced) from SRT Ultra Marathon must take place only at a check point unless in extreme situations. If you think you cannot go any further, we strongly recommend you to take retirement, albeit sportingly, and come back stronger in the next edition, there will always be another time.
  30. You agree to pay the registration fees in full at the time of registration, and understand there will not be any refund for paid amount in any circumstance.
  31. You agree that there will be no transfer of registration to any other person apart from you, in any circumstance.
  32. You have read the important race guidelines mentioned on our website
  33. You have read and agreed the terms and conditions before registration in SRT ULTRA 2023


Please contact Ketan from Hotel Kondhana Guesthouse: 
mobile - 9423012632
mobile - 9545432929
landline - 02024389029

For more details, updates, course, important guidelines, please visit our website at 

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @westernghatsrunning


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