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Small Enterprise SME Logistics & Supply Chain Conclave 2020 | Event in Chennai | Townscript

Small Enterprise SME Logistics & Supply Chain Conclave 2020

Jan 16 | 05:30 PM (IST)
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Logistics management is what makes each interconnected piece of a supply-based business run smoothly.

Sound logistics management is important and critical in any business. That’s because the success of any business operation is dependent upon and driven by effective logistics and supply chain management at every step.

Today’s leading companies, large and small, are looking for ways to go green. They understand that if we want our planet to remain habitable for generations to come, we must work together now to identify and reduce emissions, make our businesses more sustainable and ultimately move toward a Circular Economy. 

Logistics plays a central role in the global economy and therefore the industry can play a crucial part in the way business is done with regard to the environmental impact.

The event will deliver a strong program of speakers and networking opportunities for logistics and supply chain professionals wishing to discover the latest trends and supply chain innovations.

Why Attend?

- Discover how the latest technological innovations can benefit your operation

- Find solutions to the current issues facing logistics

- Gain insight from expert speakers and thought leaders

- Share experiences and hear advice from industry peers dealing with similar situations

- Networking opportunities

- Meet logistics experts and new product/service suppliers

- Stay ahead of the competition

Who Attends?

- C-Level Executives

- Operational Directors

- Warehouse Managers

- Logicians

- Members of various SME associations, Logistics associations, Manufacturers, Transport Business owners, Agriculture, Diary, Poultry owners


5.30 - 6.00 pm Venue Registration - Welcome Coffee/Tea 

6.00 - 6.10 Welcome Address

6.10 - 6.20 pm Keynote Speech

6.20 - 6.40 Next Steps in the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Supply Chain & Logistics

6.40 - 7.00 pm Tackling the Challenges of Road Freight

7.00 - 7.20 pm Creating Actionable Strategies in End-to-End Supply Chains

7.20 - 7.40 pm Growth of Technology-Driven 3PL Services 

7.40 - 8.00 pm Evolution of E-commerce 

8.00 - 8.20 pm Smart Next Gen Logistics & Supply Chain 

8.20 - 8.40 pm A Co-Pilot's Role in the Cockpit - Aspire Consulting

8.40 - 9.10 pm Panel Discussion : Customer Centric Supply Chain

 Customers have never had more choice, and providing exceptional products to consumers is becoming increasingly important. If your business wants to thrive, it needs to differentiate itself. Businesses are looking for every advantage to become more customer-centric and competitive, and looking upstream to the global supply chain can be a big win if you have the right customer strategy.

9.10 pm onward Networking Dinner


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