Semicolon and SRM Ideathon | Event in NA | Townscript
Semicolon and SRM Ideathon | Event in NA | Townscript

Semicolon and SRM Ideathon

Jan 15 - 23 '22 | 04:00 PM (IST)
Online Event

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The aim of the event is to help you get your coding skills to work. The event will let participants build solutions to real life problems with their coding skills. The event also aims to help participants understand the various opportunities that technology has to offer. Bringing the coding minds to work has been the goal of these series. We, at Team SRM Hackathon have brought a couple of events to sprinkle the magic of innovation to let the creative minds fly.


The seventh edition of semicolon this time has come with seven times the fun. Prepare your innovative part for the questions which will include solving algorithms and practicing coding problems-solutions. Students from all campuses and departments are welcome to the event. Embrace yourself for the ride as the top performers will get goodies and other exciting gifts.

All languages are permitted.

Online Event Date: 16th January 2022, Sunday


We are here with the second edition of Ideathon which is a 2-day long intensive brainstorming event where young talents will get opportunity to showcase their ideas and solutions to existing challenges. Moreover, that also under the mentoring and guidance of industry professionals. Exciting prizes and goodies await for the winners of the event.

Team Size: 1-2

The three phases of the event are:

  • Phase 1: IDEA SUBMISSION from 4th January to 17th January, 2022- Ideas to be submitted via Document format.
  • Phase 2: IDEA SHORTLISTING from 18th January to 19th January, 2022- If your ideas get shortlisted you will notified in a weeks time.
  • Phase 3: IDEATHON on 22nd and 23rd January, 2022- Shortlisted teams would get a chance to pitch their ideas to the judges in the finals.

Themes for Ideathon

1. Women Safety

A recent WHO survey indicates 35 percent of women, globally, experience some form of abuse or physical violence. As law enforcement agencies strive to improve policing, a silent battle, in parallel, is also being fought on the digital turf by mobile applications and wearable devices to ensure women's safety. Many tech firms, apart from the Central and State governments, have come up with innovative apps and gadgets to ensure women's safety including wearable devices, and GPS trackers, among others.

2. Lens Revolution

The 21st century is dominated by digital cameras and tiny lenses fitted to the backs and fronts of smartphones, which, despite their small size are capable of capturing far more details than even the best camera barely 50 years ago. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last decades.

3. Food Processing

When it comes to food, tech isn't always the first thing that comes to mind. However, technology over the years has changed how we produce and find our food through applications, robotics, data and processing techniques. According to recent report from ING, technology helps food manufacturers produce more efficiently for a growing world population. By using tech to improve processing and packaging, it can improve the shelf life and safety of food.


This is an online event
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