Social Entrepreneurship - Disruptive Innovations | Event in NA | Townscript
Social Entrepreneurship - Disruptive Innovations | Event in NA | Townscript

Social Entrepreneurship - Disruptive Innovations

Apr 01'21 - Jun 21'31 | 05:00 PM (IST)
Online Event

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Social Entrepreneurship - Disruptive Innovations

Course Brief - Why do we need to learn this NOW? Brief about the course:

Social Entrepreneurship has been reported to be the fastest growing sector and perhapsthe only sector that is creating gainful employment worldwide.Entrepreneurial mindset recognises opportunities with applicability not only in setting up Social Enterprises but also in Responsible Sustainable Business practicesinterfacing with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Government Organization (GO), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives,etc.

In this course DRSmriti Pahwa demystifies Social Entrepreneurship conceptually & practically by distilling the information through an innovative, entrepreneurial and optimistic mindset – The “MOC” Missed Opportunities Cognizant mindset! So if you are a budding SE; would like to be and SE or are just curious about the space, this course is a brilliant opportunity for you to get oriented theoretically, gain insights from thought leaders and apply theoretical knowledge all through the course segments.  

Outcomes - 5 points takeaway

1. Gain an understanding of the concept and nuances around SE through diverse dimensions and lenses such as those of funders, evaluators, investors, regulators, implementers and thought leaders

2. Learn through the journey of Social entrepreneurs from case studies

3. Gain insights from thought leaders in the space.

4. Attain a reflective space to brainstorm and refine your own ideas and/or SE initiatives

5. Experience hands on work to refine SE ideas and plans by participating in the online workshop session to get started with transforming ideas into action.

Audience - We would need it to be discreet to focus and market the right ppl


CSO CSR executives

Sustainability professionals

Design thinking professionals

NGO professionals


Health professionals

Please see the format carefully it goes as follows:

Day 1 and Day 2 - Theory/ Slides:

These two days we will explore SE conceptually by examining it through W-H dimensions. The focus will be to understand the landscape, evolution, context and opportunities for SE. Concept of "MOC" Missed Opportunities Cognizant mindset as a significant potential driver for innovative strategic design thinking will also be introduced. "MOC" is the central theme in Dr Smriti Pahwa's book "Of Missed Opportunities..One Too many!" Dr Pahwa will share case studies on cost effective RoI innovations across various SDGs focussing on Health, Education, Livelihood to set the stage for entrepreneurial thinking and mindset that will be put in application mode through the rest of the course.

Day 3 - Roundtable with thought leaders (as we discussed)

Eminent thought leaders in the space will be brought in to share insights from diverse perspectives relevant for SE space.

Day 4:

Group Discussion (Please share 3 pointers on the topic and outcome expected)

Participants will engage in discussions to brainstorm their SE ideas and refine their thinking around the same. Interactions around diverse dimensions pertaining to participants' areas of interest will be used to enrich the application of the SE conceptual knowledge gained and insights gathered. Case studies will be used to steer these discussions.

Day 5:

Practical implementation/workshop something that's a takeaway

Participants will work on assignments provided to them to actually work on various aspects of SE as discussed throughout the course to put theory into action and gain feedback through the reflective space created. Learnings from these interactions have the potential of nudging the participants to immediately put into action their plans; refine their plans or existing strategies for growth and improvement as well as keep the learnings for future potential application. .


This is an online event
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