Fotothon 2018 PUNE | Event in Pune | Townscript
Fotothon 2018 PUNE | Event in Pune | Townscript

Fotothon 2018 PUNE

Feb 10 '18 | 10:00 AM (IST)

Event Information

Fotothon is an interesting concoction of Photography spanning over a time period of 24 hours and effectively blending with a purpose of Environment Conservation. Initiated with a thought that ‘One picture is equal to a 1000 words’ and if these pictures are given a platform to highlight various critical issues related to environment, it would go a long way in helping creating a sustainable future.



FOTOTHON: A 24 hours PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE for ALL those who are passionate about Nature and Photography.

It provides Photographers with an opportunity of meeting and networking with hundreds like them and sharing knowledge and showing their skills. The contest is OPEN to any photography enthusiast and tests not only their Photography skills but also Creativity.

Fotothon is the only of its kind, REAL TIME Photography competition where every participating photographer gets a span of 24 hours to shoot and submit their work.



1) Foto Story

The main competing event and it aims to not only put to test photographers eyes for detailing but also their brains for ideation.

This category tests the participant’s skills of narrating an environmental based issue through a series of five photographs thus weaving out a story with the help of pictures and detailed description through captions. The TOPIC for Foto Story will be disclosed to the participants on the Day Of The Event.

2) Best Picture (Nature)

Photographers will have to submit a SINGLE photograph under this category related to Nature and Environment.

3) Best Portrait

Photographers will have to submit a SINGLE photograph under this category.

4) Best Picture (Mobile Phone)

Photographers will have to submit a SINGLE image on a subject that will be announced on the day of the event.






a) What is a Fotothon?

Fotothon is a unique PHOTOGRAPHY RACE wherein you have to shoot and submit your photos in 24 hrs on a given theme/topic.


b) What type of a camera is required to participate?

Any digital camera of 5 megapixel and above is required for participation


c) What is the age limit for participation?

There is no specific upper limit,

For the lower age limit the participant should be studying in college ( i.e. not for school students) . Therefore 18 yrs and above.


d) I am not a professional photographer, I have a small point & shoot camera of 7 megapixel. Can I participate ?

YES, anybody with a Digital camera of 5 MP and above can participate, there is no restriction on the equipments,type, make, cost etc.


e) Can I participate in all the catagories of FOTOTHON?

YES, one can participate in any one or all the catagories of FOTOTHON.


f) How many photos can I shoot in the span of 24 hrs?

There is no limit on the number of photos you shoot, but you have to choose the best of the lot and then submit it in various catagories.


g) Do I have to personally come to submit my photos at the Venue?

NO, after you have completed your shoot you have to mail the images to us as has been told to you during the event.


h) Where can I go to shoot my photos?

In the span of 24 hrs you are free to travel any where in the city, state or the country. But you have to mail the photos within 24 hrs.


g) What are the different categories for Participation?

There are 4 categories for participation viz:





The participants can participate in any one, two or all the three categories.


h) What are the Entry Fees to Participate in FOTOTHON?

ENTRY Fee : Rs. 250/-( with T-shirt subject to Sponsorship), 


i) How Do I pay the Entry Fees ?

Online Transfer from our website


Cash in person, please go to registration page to learn more.


j) Can I cancel or transfer my registration to somebody else?

You can cancel your registration, but the entry fee is not refundable.

Registration is NON TRANSFERABLE.

k) What are the modes of Registration?

Online registration : Register Online Now


Offline registration:

Maharashtra Nature Park Society, Dharavi, Sion, Mumbai, 400017.




I declare, confirm and agree as follows:

(i) The information given by me in this entry form is true and I am solely responsible for the accuracy of this information;


(ii) Have fully understood the risk and responsibility of participating in the event and will be participating entirely at my own risk and responsibility;


(iii) Understand the risk of participating on a course with vehicular traffic, even if the course may be regulated / policed;


(iv) Agree that if I am injured or taken ill or otherwise suffer any detriment whatsoever, I hereby irrevocably authorize the event officials and organizers to, at my own risk and cost, transport me to a medical facility and/or to administer emergency medical treatment and I waive all claims that might result from such transport and/or treatment or delay or deficiency therein. I shall pay or reimburse to you my medical and emergency expenses and I hereby authorize/s you to incur the same;


(v) In case of any illness or injury caused to me or death suffered by me or my due to any force majeure event including but not limited to fire, riots or other civil disturbances, earthquakes, storms, typhoons or any terrorist act, none of the sponsors of the event or any political entity or authorities and officials or any contractor or construction firms working on or near the course, or any of the FOTOTHON personnel, officials or volunteers of Ecofolks Ventures or any persons or entities associated with the event or the directors, employees, agents or representatives of all or any of the aforementioned shall be held liable by me or my representatives;


(vi) Understand, agree and irrevocably permit Ecofolks Ventures. to share the information given by me in this application, with all/any entities associated with this event , at its own discretion;


(vii) Understand, agree and irrevocably permit Ecofolks Ventures to my photograph and record (on film, tape, hard drive, or any other method) my performance, appearance, name and/or voice and the results in perpetuity for the purpose of promoting the Event, at its own discretion. I further authorize Ecofolks Ventures to edit the same at discretion and to include it with performance of other and with sound effects, special effects, music etc. in any manner or media whatsoever, including without limitation, unrestricted use for purpose of publicity, advertising and sales promotion; and to use my name. Ecofolks Ventures owns all rights to the results and proceeds of my services in connection herewith;


(viii) I agree to the entry terms and guidelines.


Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Auditorium
Ghole Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune, India
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