Online Voice-Over Workshop with Malini Gowrishankar | Event in NA | Townscript
Online Voice-Over Workshop with Malini Gowrishankar | Event in NA | Townscript

Online Voice-Over Workshop with Malini Gowrishankar

Oct 09 - 10 '21 | 10:00 AM (IST)

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"Ha, people tell me I have a nice voice. Can I do voice-overs?"
"I wonder how this industry works!"
"How do I start pursuing voice-overs as a hobby?"
"I am sure I can emote and intonate better than the voice on TV. But, how do I switch careers?  "
"I can mimic. Can I try voice-overs?"
Find answers to all your curious questions, as VO/dubbing artist, Malini Gowrishankar ( ) takes you through a very informative, eye-opening workshop on voice-overs, a very less understood industry. This workshop, will focus primarily on the practical aspects of becoming a VO artist - the fundamentals of voice modulation, practical tips to exploring this industry as a newbie and more.
The following will be covered at a basic level during the 5 hour workshop spread across two days:
1. Busting the myths of VO industry
2. Fundamentals of voicing - modulation, intonation, pitching, tempo etc.
3. Voice-overs vs voice-acting vs dubbing - Understanding the differences
4. Introduction to equipment
5. Practical tips on switching careers and exploring VO as career option / hobby
6. Basic steps to setting up a home studio
7. Networking in this industry - How to?
8. Finding your niche - how can your voice be of use to the industry?
9. In the offline format, there used to be a studio session. In the online format, I will make you practise and record samples on your phone (‘homework’) and review the samples one to one.
You should join if you are:
1. A student looking for extra pocket money and industry exposure
2. Someone who is looking to build an alternate source of income post Covid
3. A corporate employee, seriously considering career options
4. A woman, who is looking to restart career after a break
5. A creative person and want to explore a new creative skill
6. Interested in a career in media as RJ / dubbing artist / announcer etc.
7. Just a curious character and have a free weekend in your hand!
Malini Gowrishankar, is an established voice-over / dubbing artist in Bangalore, primarily lending her voice for Tamil/English projects. She has experience voicing for hundreds of hours of e-learning, Telephone IVRs and several radio/TV commercials, short films, feature film promos, corporate videos, cartoon voices etc. She has her own home setup and records several assignments for national and international clients. She also has tie-ups with various professional studios in Bangalore.
Besides being an artist, Malini has also dabbled with creative writing, has served as an RJ with Worldspace Radio ( Timbremedia ), emceed several events and functions and has been a motivational speaker at several institutions and corporates, sharing her passionate views on Entrepreneurship and Women empowerment.
Rs. 2550 plus 18% GST.
-Scripts for practice
-Workshop content handouts
-Individual home recording and review of voice samples
- Anything not mentioned in inclusions
- Good internet connection and Zoom installed on your laptop/phone.
- Laptop preferred over phone.
- Your best, cheerful, curious self!
- Your favorite scripts (poem/prose), one in English and one in your language of choice, each about 3-4 lines, to be recorded in your voice.
- This is non-refundable unless and unless you are not able to make it because of some emergency, which can be considered on a case-by-case basis.
- In the event of you not being able to make it, you can pass on the slot to your friends and intimate me about it.
I wish to set the correct expectations right from the beginning hence please read through the following carefully:
1. Please do not come with the expectation of becoming a VO artist in one day. This workshop is introductory - this will show you your options and throw light on the things you need to know and do, you will have to do your homework and hardwork to become a VO artist.
2. While I will be available on a need basis to help you out once in a while post the workshop, kindly do not expect me to handhold you till you become an artist. What you become post this workshop is totally dependent on your interest levels and commitment.
3. Certain voices work and certain voices dont. While I will be happy to assess your voice and give you a direction during the workshop, please do understand that not all who have a voice can become an artist. However, if you become one, I will be the happiest! 
4. Come with an open mind to observe, participate and learn. Leave all your inhibitions behind and get ready for an explorative weekend!
Its an online workshop on zoom. Very limited seats. Please pay to confirm your slot.
Please turn up!
9th and 10th Oct 10 am to 1 pm on on Zoom
Register on Townscript/ Insider/Book my Show/ Lahe Lahe directly at 9886294444 See less


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