OFF BEAT Festival * Varkala * #4 | Event in Varkala | Townscript
OFF BEAT Festival * Varkala * #4 | Event in Varkala | Townscript

OFF BEAT Festival * Varkala * #4

Feb 29 '20 - Mar 01 '20 | 03:30 PM (IST)

Event Information

29th of February the day that happens only once in every 4 years. 

This will be the last OFF BEAT of the season and 29th is the very special day to close the season.

We are in Thiruvambadi Park, an area with multifunctional spaces and a beautiful park with green grass surrounded by coconut trees thats is looking to the Arabian Sea.

Perfect spot, where all our word will find its space !

From early afternoon till late night , workshops , flea market , yoga classes, street food stalls, exhibition and live artist performance will go along the music of Dj and live band.



Zostel road, North Cliff, Varkala

You can type off beat festival Varkala on google maps and get the pinpoint 

• Ticket 

 450rs online / 500rs at the door ( included all the activity and shows of the festival )


/// Full Program of the Day ///


Forest Fiery 

iPhone series Photo Exhibition

By My Qissa



Raheen Riyaz

Clothes shop



4.00 pm Numerology workshop by Sonia Indigo

Numerology is above all a tool to understand yourself, your gifts,  your life path, karmic lessons and life as a whole.

By learning the most important numbers of your life, you will be able to grow into your full potential and flourish in life. 

Numerology provides also a way to connect with the current universal themes and events as each day and year has its own significant number with a specific meaning.

5.00 pm Capoeira Angola dance workshop with Ivan Ali

6.00 pm Yoga Nidra with Shamanic journey by Sonia Indigo

This is a sound healing shamanic journey starting with guided relaxation and visualization in yoga nidra, 

instruments, shamanic drum and native indian chanting.


4.30pm Yoga & Meditation with third eye school of yoga

Ramesh and Stephen from India and UK offering Hatha Yoga and Pranayama leading into various meditation techniques beginning with Chanting/Oming meditation to bring stillness...

6.30pm ((( Its your body Time )) 

Q-Baba (Good Morning Varkala) inviting you to a free form dance meditation, 

2h long Ecstatic Dance workshop , 

will be possibile to attend only from the start so be inside in Time 


4.30pm Dsco Patrol , djset

Downtempo , Funk

6.30pm Miserable Man (UK) Live

Miserable Man is a one man band ! His music is acoustic Pop that blends Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady and Old Jazz. 

His sound is raw and organic and his live shows energetic and vibrant.

7.30pm Dj Khan, djset

Dub, Regga, Dancehall

Dj Khan spinning music around Varkala for ages , if something cool happens on the area it’s definitely because of him. 

His music with big Jamaican roots makes people all around the world move every weekend. 

If you are in Varkala and you don’t know him probably you are a boring person.

21.00pm Rhythm Circle, Live

Afro, Folk, Percussion 

A unique project where six or more talented percussionists come together to create a beat that moves us in ways we've never experienced.

22.30pm KeraRadio (Ita) djset

Disco, Tropical, House

KeraRadio is the latest project of Loris Tisci, Italian Dj, Music Collector & Event Organizer. The Project represent his entire music culture and  the selection proposed are moving smoothly between Funk, African, Reggae, Jazz, Latin, Disco, Electronic, House Music and many other uncategorizable genres in the middle. 

Loving to make long sets, for  create a personal  ambient and move the vibes of the night in any direction it fell,  with great mix of music from the past and contemporary times.

00.00 Aji Mon (UK) Baroque Records, Lowbit Records - Djset 

Progressive, Berlin techno

Emerging with the new wave of musicians that are revolutionizing the Progressive House scene, 

Aji Mon Nair's forward thinking productions and contemporary point of views have been providing an exciting, refreshing sound to advance the scene as a whole. 

Described as "a slice of Disco tinged House, with the combined sounds of Maceo Plex and Eric Prydz", his multifaceted works span from bright, youthful melodies to deep, dark and heavily technical presentations. 

Focused on combining retro, iconic influences with a cutting edge drive, Aji clashes past influences with futuristic melodies in a brilliant collision of musical variety.


Off Beat festival
Zostel road, North cliff, Varkala, India
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Alternative Festival based on Music. Art. Yoga. a celebration of creativity, experimentation and not-Mainstream.
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