National School Health Summit 2020 | Event in New Delhi | Townscript
National School Health Summit 2020 | Event in New Delhi | Townscript

National School Health Summit 2020

Apr 17 - 18 | 09:00 AM (IST)

Event Information

The National School Health Summit is a multi-stakeholder platform to facilitate dialogue towards a shared understanding of emerging challenges in the field of School Health. The aim of the Summit is to develop cross-sector collaboration in order to improve the school healthcare scenario of the country.
The organizers invite academicians, researchers, PhD scholars, UG and PG Students and practitioners from all over the world to Submit Abstracts for innovative presentations and sessions which address the ten unique but interrelated themes of the Summit:

• Health and Awareness
• Nutrition
• Water sanitation & Hygiene
• Environment - Protecting the planet
• Mental health & Substance Abuse
• Menstrual health & hygiene
• Better opportunities for Students with Disabilities & Special Needs
• Preventing Non communicable diseases and lifestyle diseases
• Social Development & Impact
• Gender Equality

Formats of Presentation:
• Oral Presentation
• Poster Presentation
• E-poster Presentation
• Comm talk

General Directions for Submission:
Proposals/abstracts will be submitted online and may be written in English.
In selecting proposals/abstracts for the Summit program, the Program Sub-
Committee will take the following general criteria into consideration:
• Alignment with conference themes
• Relevance to National School Health programs and importance to the field
• Clarity of content
• Soundness of the conclusions or perspectives offered
• Ability of the proposal/abstract to result in new insights, perspectives and/or partnerships for the National School Health Summit field.
• Potential for audience experience/knowledge sharing, skills building, discussion/debate
• Appropriateness of the proposed format for the proposed content
• Level of facilitation required to make the proposal/abstract successful

Registration Guidelines:
• Fill the online registration form and pay the application fees.
• Upload your abstract (under 250 words) in the same form.
• Abstracts will only be considered when full payment has been received.
• Upon notification from the team, email your full paper in the format listed below.

Rules and Regulations Paper Presentation:
Maximum number of participants in a Team is 2.
 The topics that the papers need to be based on are suggestive. It is advisable that the presentation focuses on one particular topic. The participants who are desirous of choosing a different theme than those mentioned above are welcome, provided, it falls under the ambit of the domain. Report should be well comprehended, albeit advanced which could appeal to an undergraduate. Kindly contact the coordinator ( for clarifications.•
• Abstract should not exceed 250 words.
• Please bring your PowerPoint presentation on a CD and on a pen-drive.
• Soft-copies of the submitted paper and PowerPoint presentations must be in the PDF format.
• Please bring 2 Hardcopies of the submitted paper on the day of the event.
• The teams will get 10 minutes for presentation inclusive of the question and answer round.
• Persons from different institutions can be a part of the same team. However, one person may not be a part of multiple teams for the same event.
• The mail with submissions should contain:

Title/Theme of the paper
Name of both the authors
Phone no of both the authors
E- mail ID

• Paper should be in a one column format.
• Paper should be in Times New Roman font size 12.
• For headings use bold and a font of size 16.
• After you have submitted the soft copy, a panel of judges will go through your material and if you are shortlisted to give the presentation, you will be notified.


For more information, download the Detailed Brochure:

Or Visit -


Vivanta Surajkund, NCR
Block C, Surajkund, Faridabad, Haryana 121009, New Delhi, India
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Have a question?
Send your queries to the event organizer
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Have a question?
Send your queries to the event organizer
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