Margazhiyil Makkalisai 2021  | Event in Chennai | Townscript
Margazhiyil Makkalisai 2021  | Event in Chennai | Townscript

Margazhiyil Makkalisai 2021

Dec 24 - 31 '21 | 05:00 PM (IST)

Event Information

Margazhiyil Makkalisai is Back!

Chennai Schedule (All events are scheduled at 5-8 pm)

Day 1: INAUGURAL FOLK SHOW by Senthil and Rajalakshmi Karunguyil Ganesan and Team | Inauguration with Adimelam Parai isai - Salem
Venue: Vani Mahal, T. Nagar

Day 2: NATUPPURAM SHOW by V M Mahalingam, Mathichayam Bala, Suganthi and Team | Buddhar Kalai Kuzhu and team.
Venue: Vani Mahal, T. Nagar

Day 3: OPPARI SHOW by Pesu J K  Parai Kuzhu | Kaganam Ramadoss | Settu | Muthammal | Arivu
Venue: IIT Madras Auditorium, Chennai

Day 4: JAI BHIM SHOW by Dalit Subbaiah, Manimagalai & Team |  Kariyapatti Sekar Koottu Naiyandi and Team
Venue: IITM Auditorium, Chennai

Day 5: THE GANA SHOW by Punniyar, Rave Ravi, Gana Kumar, Gana Nithya, Gana Julie Kumar, Gana Raji, Gana Baskar, Gana Maran, Gana Laksmibathi and many more Gana singers from Chennai | Balamurugan Periya Melam
Venue: Krishna Gana Sabha, T. Nagar

Day 6: TAMIL INDIE, RAP & FOLK - Pambai Parai Isai | Anthakudi ilayaraja | Nochipatty Thirumoorthy | Puthuvai Sithan Guna and Others
Venue: Raja Annamalai Mandram, Chennai

Day 7: TRIBAL MUSIC SHOW by Irular | Thodar | Paliyar | Oorali | Koraga | Lambadi | Kurumbar | Adiyan | Kaanikudi
Venue: Raja Annamalai Mandram, Chennai

Venue: Music Academy, Chennai

Ours is the ancient Tamil land of Thirukkural where art forms and cultural expression flourish from time immemorial. It’s the survival of these cultural identities that makes our heritage rich. Our music, songs and dance leave us with a glimpse of the colourful lives our ancestors have lived. Worshipping nature, celebrating language and treating all lives with equality were the fountainheads of the art forms they nourished. It will be a proud moment for each one of us when the true art of the Tamil masses gains its rightful place in history. 

Yes. Art is the most powerful tool to unite, an otherwise fragmented, society. Our philosophy of art is not merely aesthetical, rather it must play a role in removing the divisive tendencies of human nature. We believe “art by the people and for the people” is the way towards a free and just world. Neelam Cultural Centre is organizing the yearly music festival of Margazhiyil Makkalisai with this ambitious goal of pulling the caravan of liberty, equality and fraternity forward.

Last year, Neelam Cultural Centre successfully rolled out the first edition of Margazhiyil Makkalisai from 24 December 2020 to 31 December 2020. From across Tamil Nadu, more than 350 artists came together for the musical confluence of Margazhiyil Makkalisai. Popular venues like Vani Mahal, Mylapore Fine Arts and Rajah Annamalai Mandram hosted different genres of performances such as Folk, Oppari, Gana, Hip-hop/rap, Thenmangu, etc., for Margazhiyil Makkalisai 2020 

Like the previous year, Neelam Cultural Centre is conducting Margazhiyil Makkalisai 2021 between 18 and 31 December of this year. This year the music festival reaches out to the southern and western regions of Tamil Nadu as per the following schedule, in addition to the primary location of Chennai.

Madurai on 18th December 2021
Coimbatore on 19th December 2021 
Chennai from 24 to 31 December 2021

Experienced artists, brilliant bands and awesome singers hailing from the nooks and corners of Tamil Nadu would grace the occasion of Margazhiyil Makkalisai 2021. To experience the magic, book your tickets immediately! Limited seats only.


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