Listeners’ Circle | Event in Bengaluru | Townscript
Listeners’ Circle | Event in Bengaluru | Townscript

Listeners’ Circle

Jun 04 | 05:30 PM (IST)

Event Information

Listeners’ circle is now back after a pause, more committed to the cause than ever. Listeners’ Circle in
association with Lahe Lahe now happening again at venue!! Speak your heart out without fear of judgment and
listen without judging!
Every story matters. Every life matters. Every feeling matters. But do we share our stories, struggles, and
experiences with others openly? What stops us? Isn't it the fear of judgment? And how often we listen to others
patiently without judging them?
Think about how it would feel to take an hour out of your fast-paced life and tell your story to people who listen
to you without judging? Also, listen to the stories of others without judging.
Listeners' circle, Bangalore is an initiative to make that happen. Started in May 2018 at as a not for Profit
Initiative, we have hosted 30+ editions until now, impacting more than 250+ Speakers and 500+ Listeners. ​
The previous editions had some exciting stories to listen to. ​
An Entrepreneur from IIT Madras shared his life-changing near-death experience and how it transformed his
complete life.​
A Management Profession shared how has been just ‘Ordinary’ all along his life and how that has helped him and
his circles. He articulated that being ‘Ordinary’ is the new different.​
A founder of a theatre group shared how she bravely stood up to the sexual harassment of a fellow passenger in
a bus moving through the middle of the forest in the midnight. ​
A thirty something professional shared how she is in a journey of re-discovering love after five years of
separation and being single. ​
Someone shared how an experience in a cab on his first journey in Japan, made him understand about Japan
and honesty.​
Everyone has such stories to share. Do you have something to share? ​
Be a part of the Listener's circle - Edition 29​
Speak your mind without being judged. Speak your mind without any boundaries. ​
Would you like to just listen? We have a place for you too.​
Book your passes in advance to avoid the last-minute sell outs.
Bio: Listeners Circle is an initiative to facilitate listening without judgment, hence giving a safe space for anyone
to speak their heart out without the fear of judgment. We have done 30+ events over the years, enabling people
to voice their stories.
Speaker Pass is free
Listener is 150
When:4th June ,5-7:30pm


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