Application development for the Internet of Things (IoT) | Event in Bangalore | Townscript
Application development for the Internet of Things (IoT) | Event in Bangalore | Townscript

Application development for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Nov 26 '16 | 10:00 AM (IST)

Event Information

Application development for Internet of Things & Web of Things

Wide coverage: IoT programming architectures and languages, protocols, rapid application development platforms, cloud platforms and advanced topics

It is estimated that the number of Internet connected physical devices will grow to 50 billion by 2020. Moreover, the growing adoption of social media (Twitter, Facebook, ...) on the Web has become a key source of information about the physical world and corresponding events. Data generated from all these information sources (including IoT devices and social media) will be tremendous in both volume and variety. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) systems can be thought of connecting and combining all these elements. A key advantage of combining all these elements: it will open up small to large business opportunities and possibilities of developing IoT applications in novel scenarios such as smart metering, smart electric car recharge stations and retail & logistics.

In this context, this bootcamp aims:  

  • at having hands-on sessions to explore all aspects of developing software-powered IoT systems
  • more specifically, the bootcamp will cover the challenges in designing and implementing software artifacts that operate between the physical and cyber world, state of the art in building such a specific breed of software, its architectures and design patterns to build IoT systems
  • to complement the discussions, the bootcamp covers topics such as our real-world experiences in prototyping IoT products/solutions in industries and conceptual models to design efficient IoT systems
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
This is a workshop with extensive hands-on and IoT demo sessions. Bringing your own Raspberry PI and basic sensors and actuators (e.g, temperature  and humidity sensor, buzzer) are recommended, but this is not a must requirement. We have designed a simulated sensors that can be run on your PC. So, the participants are strongly advised to bring your PC for experiments. 

Participants’ Profile

This tutorial will cater to both beginners and those already working in related areas such as IoT, software engineering, and web technologies. We assume that attendees have some basic programming languages background. We will provide basics to understand IoT and communication protocols in our presentations. Our step-by-step tutorial will guide the audience to use both IoT and programming techniques to develop IoT applications.


    Our aim is to bring together the software developers, leads and architects working (or interested in working) in the area of  Internet of Things and Data Science for developing future Internet applications via Internet of Things. Moreover, it is aimed at those who want to understand the practical concerns and realities in architecting and developing real-world IoT applications.
      The learning objectives of this bootcamp are:
        1. For beginners, it will create an understanding of what IoT means, common terminology, core aspects, applications and use cases.
        2. For software engineers, it will provide a solid foundation to compare and evaluate existing approaches for building IoT applications.
        3. For experts, it will demonstrate the need to design tools to assist non-experts in integrating IoT technologies to reduce the learning curve as much as possible.

              Session Breakup

              Introduction  (10.00 am)

              • Brief introduction: Things, applications in Internet of Things, motivation
              • Programming elements in Internet of Things
              • Elements of  Internet of Things
              • Class of  IoT applications 
              • Programming approaches in the Internet of Things
              • Node-centric programming
              • Macro-programming

              [Tea break (15 minutes)]

              Building APIs connecting IoT devices to the Internet  

              • Building REST APIs for devices
              • REST principles, resource, URI and URL  
              • HelloWorld example  
              • HTTP server using Node.js  
              • Content negotiation  
              • Formats and examples: JSON,  XML, HTML
              • Operations:  GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, OPTION

              IoT protocols and interaction patterns  

              • Continuous HTTP polling  
              • Demo
              • Shortcomings of HTTP polling
              • Physical/Virtual mashups  
              • Demo: Yahoo weather service, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js 
              • Websocket 
              • Demo : Socket Server and Client  
              • Advantages and shortcomings 
              • MQTT 
              • Demo : Smart home Automation
              • Options and considerations

              [Lunc break (1 hour)]

              IoT architecture and Physical-Virtual Mashups, Editors, Cloud Platforms

              • Direct interaction pattern
              • Gateway interaction pattern
              • Demos: CoAP server running behind HTTP server
              • Cloud platform
              • A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things  
              • Node-RED
              • Demos
              [Tea break (15 minutes)]

              Advanced topics (5.00 pm)

              • Semantic web, semantic Web of Things, security 

              About the Trainer

              The trainer focuses on building software development methodologies and tools to easily develop applications in the cross-section of Software Engineering and IoT. With this research, he has published 20+ research articles in prestigious events. He regularly gets invited as keynote speaker as an IoT expert. He has a doctorate in the Internet of Things and software engineering areas.

              For any queries reach out to the organiser:

              Hari Kiran ( +91 96321 77909

              Terms & Conditions: In case of cancellation or no show by the participant, we offer a 100% refund of the ticket amount until the day before the event and allow ticket transfers up to 24 hours prior to the event.


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