India Regional Championship - July - 2022 | Event in Chikmagalur | Townscript
India Regional Championship - July - 2022 | Event in Chikmagalur | Townscript

India Regional Championship - July - 2022

Jul 01 - 03 '22 | 12:00 PM (IST)

Event Information

Time & Location
01 Jul, 2:00 pm – 03 Jul, 3:00 pm
Chikmagalur, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India
About the Event
We are happy to announce, that our much-awaited INDIA REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP is here. A doorway to the world of Expedition races as well as the Asia Championship. The Winner of our IRC will be the FIRST team to QUALIFY the upcoming Asia Championship scheduled in one of the wildest parts of Malaysia – Sarawak.
IRC 2022 is 1 of 2 races from India as part of the prestigious - Adventure Racing World Series – ASIA Series. Adventure Racing is a multi-sport concept of a combination of multiple sports disciplines, mountain biking, trail running / hiking, kayaking, and navigation.
About Host Location
The host location for our first IRC is the coffee capital, the tropical rainforest region, and the MALENADU region – Chikkamagaluru. Chikkamagaluru hosts some of the amazing geographies across its district with the highest mountain in the entire state of Karnataka – Mullayyana Giri, in the Chandra drone hill ranges.
Participants can expect some Jaw-dropping views, incredible climbs, super smooth downhills, magnificent mountain ranges, deep valleys with pure water bodies, and welcoming hamlets of the western ghats. Teams should get ready to face mother earth in all forms.
IRC stakes are high, as the winner of the IRC will get paid entry to the upcoming Asia Championship, and we are expecting teams from across India and from neighboring countries. Hence, the stakes are high.
We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to IRC and to the world of Adventure Racing.

ARWS Classified Premier Mixed teams of 4 will be eligible to gain entry to ARWS ASIA Championship in 2022
Teams may substitute members with a team roster containing a maximum of 7 team members for the year.
The Log will be updated each quarter and per ranking cycle of ARWS
This event will count towards a team’s ARWS ASIA Regional rankings
India Regional Championship 2022 is a championship event for India and the points earned at this event will be multiplied by 0.5
WINNER of India Regional Championship 2022 will be gaining free entry to the ARWS ASIA Championships 2022 to be held in Malaysia**.

Adventure Race Concept
Adventure racing is a multi-discipline endurance sport where competitors compete in teams, navigating from control point to control point in multiple disciplines
Disciplines include mountain biking, trail running, kayaking, orienteering & more
Teams are expected to navigate using a map and landmarks
Teams must be able to operate in harsh remote environments in all weather conditions.
Teams must get ready for early Monsoon rains and the host location is known for some amazing rains
Teams travel throughout the night. They can decide if, when, and where to rest or eat
The first team to complete the whole course, with all the control points visited will be declared the winner.
Teams are required to complete the entire distance together (always within hearing and visual distance of each other), helping and assisting each other.
Teamwork and team dynamics are essential. A detailed understanding of your teammates and of your own capabilities is essential and key in the race.
Team Formats
Teams of 4 members - ARWS Classified Premier Mixed teams
The official ARWS Classified Premier Mixed teams category is a 4-member team with at least one female or male (3 Male + 1 Female or 3 Females + 1 Male)
Teams can consist of members of any combination: all-male and/or all-female for unranked category
Team of 3 and Team of 2 for experiential race
Race Distance
The race will cover approximately 150 km
Top teams are expected to finish the course in 16 to 20 hours (Without sleep)
All teams should be able to finish the race before the closing ceremony at 1300 Hours on Sunday Afternoon 3rd July 2022
The route scouted so far comprises 100 - 120 km of mountain biking, and 30 - 40 km of trail running and hiking (final distances will be confirmed closer to the race date)
Race Disciplines:
Mountain biking – Teams should be prepared for a range of riding including single track, steep hills, gravel roads, mud roads, and hiking a bike section
Trail Running / hiking – Will involve traveling by foot through rugged terrain, climbs
Water Tubing: Introducing new discipline in water activities (Tube is part of Mandatory gear for all the team members)
Orienteering – Orienteering is an extremely important part of the race. The course is not marked, and teams are required to navigate using a map and compass
Surprise Activity
  Prizes & Awards:
WINNER: Bragging right FIRST Champions of INDIA REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and Rolling Trophy
The winning 4-member mixed team will receive a free entry into the Asia Regional Championship 2022, Malaysia
SECOND & THIRD Runner-ups: Discounted Entry for Namma Adventure Race 2022
All finishers to receive an India Regional Championship medal/trophy

Race location
Venue, Race HQ: Chikamagalur, KA, India
Registration/Start and Finish: Chikamagalur, KA, India
Accommodation: Chikamagalur
Nearest Town: Chikamagalur
Nearest City: Chikamagalur
Nearest Railway station: Kadur (39KM) & Birur Railway Station (37KM)
Nearest Airport: Bangalore International Airport (256 KM)
Nearest Hospital: Ashraya Multi-Specialty hospital - Chikamagalur

Chikmagalur: Hotels around Race HQ.

Date and Time
1st July 2022: Teams arrival, Team welcome, Race Admin, and Team photoshoot
2nd July 2022: Race Flag Off
3rd July 2022: Closing Ceremony
Additional bookings for supporters or family for stay, opening, and closing lunch kindly book directly with Ajita Madan at / Subject: Supporters or Family

Entry Fee (From 1st May to 5th June 2022) – Rs. 32499/- (Per Team – Team of Four Members)
Entry Fee (From 6th June to 20th June 2022) – Rs. 38499/- (Per Team – Team of Four Members)
International Teams: USD 499 (Per Team – Team of Four Members)
Entry fees include:
A full-service Adventure Race that forms part of "Adventure Racing World Series - Asia Regional"
Transportation from HQ to Accommodation and Back
Stay for 4 People for 2 nights (1st Friday & 2nd Saturday)
Team Logistics Support
Transition Bags (2 Bags per Team)
Medical backup
Race Garment
Race Maps
IRC Race Vest BIB
Cycling BIB
Closing Ceremony Lunch
Event Ranking
IRC Momentos
Amplifying Adventure
Anything that is NOT included above in the inclusion

No refunds once the event entry fee has been paid
Member substitutions are allowed until 25th June 2022 with the organizers’ consent only. No additional charges.
In case of the cancellation, there will not be any refunds however, transfers of entry fees to any future event upto December 2022
Should the race be moved due to COVID lockdown rules, all entries will be moved to the next date chosen for this specific race (No refunds at any point)
No cancellation, however, teams can sell their entry to another team. The transaction happens between the teams and to be notified.
National & International Team: Return flight/Bus to be booked after 7 PM on 3rd July 2022. For assistance in Airport transfers reach out to

Please make an NEFT payment directly from your online bank account into the bank account below (the bank details will also be e-mailed to you). NO direct deposits are accepted.
Account name: NthAdventure Evento Pvt. Ltd.
Account no: 510101002103884
Bank & Branch: Corporation bank, Coffee Board
IFSC: CORP0000797
Type: Current
Google Pay: Kindly email us

For International Teams: Payment accepted thru PAYPAL
PAYPAL Account:
**Any additional bank charges are to be borne by the Teams.
Kindy e-mail proof of payment to Please use your ‘team name’ as a reference.
We will send you a confirmation letter (please print this confirmation letter and bring it with you to the race or save the screenshot on your phone) to confirm your entry within 72hrs. If you haven’t received your confirmation letter you are NOT entered – please make sure that we have received your booking form and payment.

Maps supplied will be a mix of topographical and google maps
Maps may be given out as the course progresses
It is recommended that teams bring large zip-loc bags (A4 Size) to waterproof maps
If the map is lost or damaged, it will NOT be replaced by the organizers
Stationery materials for preparing routes on the map are needed: different colored pens, cello tape, scissors, etc.
Teams will use a map to locate checkpoints in an order to complete the route
Bring your own compass

Equipment Required LINK (Detailed email with the specific gear required for IRC will be emailed to the teams)
Each team to bring a bicycle lock to lock your team’s bicycles together at Transitions
Bike Boxes are optional. However, we recommend for safety of your equipment.
Tube: Each team member brings their own tube. Specifications will be mailed to all the teams
We supply each team with 2 Transition Bags to be used during the race with a capacity of 20kgs each.

Adventure Racing Tips for the experienced and newbies:
Equipment: Please do not take the compulsory list lightly, the weather can change in minutes which will result in you needing some items unexpectedly
Gearbox packing: To avoid a mess in your box we highly recommend each person to put all his extra gear and clothing in his own bag i.e.: a string bag, a material/plastic shopping bag, etc. Always prepare for the worst and think about being wet, cold, hungry, or sunburnt. Add a few more comfort items like another dry shirt, fleece, gloves, buff, hat, head torch, jacket, wipes, and an extra space blanket.
Attention to detail is crucial. The whole team must study the racebook, rules, what you can do and what you can’t do. When things get unclear or “pear-shaped” during the race the navigator and/or decision-maker has more “minds” that can remember the instructions. Last resort: take out the racebook and read again.
The Fastest way to cross a water section is just to unclip your backpack from your waist and swim. No undressing or removal of shoes. You can blow up your bladder and that will assist your backpack for better buoyancy. If you have a proper waterproof bag your clothing or compulsory gear won’t get wet. That brings us back to the equipment.
Carry your weakest person's backpack when he/she takes the strain. When it’s a short, fast trekking leg, you can take all the equipment or extra things out of your slowest person's backpack and let them only carry water.
What is teamwork? It means you need to be in contact with your slowest person at all times. It does not help if you cycle 100m in front of your team. You should then go back and take the weakest person's backpack or push/tow that person. The same applies to a trekking leg. If you feel so much stronger at that given moment you must ask for assistance, help the navigator to look for the checkpoints, or just plainly stay with your team and speak about the beautiful day and encourage with positive words.
Golden rule: if you can’t say something positive then keep your mouth SHUT. If you can’t assist with the navigation, then keep your thoughts to yourself. If the navigator made a mistake your duty is to say: Don’t worry it's okay, how can I help you to get to the next point or how can we recover. Remember mistakes will happen, it’s about how fast can you fix it and move forward.
Get racing fit. Adventure Racing is a skill like all other sports. You need to race to stay racing fit. In a race, you’re under pressure and you will face new challenges. It’s in those moments that you discover more about yourself and how you handle situations. The more you do it the more it becomes easier and you will adapt easier to each situation and challenge.
We all are going to have a low moment at some stage. Assist each other through those times and getting that person over the line is the ultimate reward. This is a sport that will humble you and your day will come to be the weakest person. If it’s your “off day” speak up before you hit the wall and share with your team that you are pushing too hard. This is NOT the sport for EGO. Leave that at home.
Have an attitude of gratitude that you are able to participate in this amazing, challenging, rough and outdoor sport.


At least one member of the team must be capable of navigating by compass and map during the day and night.
The team must be able to orientate a map, identify grid references on a map, take a bearing between two points on a map, and understand the impact of magnetic declination.
The teams must be able to describe what their team would do if they are lost.
At least one member of the team should have experience in basic First Aid.
All team members must be suitably competent in all disciplines included in the event as specified by the race organizer and be able to complete the event without any assistance from any person other than their own team members.
There will be no competency checks at registration. By entering this event, teams acknowledge that they are competent in all the skills required to complete an event of this nature
Finding a Team Member:
If you want to join an existing team, create a new team or are looking for members to fill up your team, contact us at and we will list your contact details below


Do you want dedicated Team Media to follow your team and capture your team efforts? If interested, send an email at ajitaATnthadventureDOTcom and we will share more information. Additional charges apply.
The best way to be part of the race if you cannot participate yourself is to become a volunteer marshal.
Interested volunteers, please mail us at
Volunteers just need to reach the registration venue at their own cost. An adventure garment and accommodation will be provided to all volunteers.
For more information email us at
We look forward to seeing you at the Start-line of the India Regional Championship

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