Go Ride (Dwarka) 2021 | Event in New Delhi | Townscript
Go Ride (Dwarka) 2021 | Event in New Delhi | Townscript

Go Ride (Dwarka) 2021

Apr 23 | 06:00 AM (IST)

Event Information

Registration closed.


Go Ride is a cycling event for those who recently took up to the Cycling. The event has a very simple format. Check this-
- All you need is a bicycle (roadie, MTB or a basic one), a helmet and a gentle push
- Warm-up, wear your helmet, check air pressure and Go Ride
- Start from your home and ride to ChaiBazz at Golf Course road
- CycleWorx.in, Vardhman Plaza, G-5, Sector 10 Dwarka, New Delhi
- Google location pin- https://g.page/cycleworx-in?share
- If you are wearing a helmet while riding, show that to get a complimentary t-shirt,
- Show the distance travelled on any tracking app and Go Home Riding
- You get a participation certificate in your email
- We are available at ChaiBazz from 6AM to 9AM (for 3 hrs only) to greet you with a hot cuppa of Chai and the coolest energy drink.
- Enjoy Happy Hours offer of ChaiBaaz from 6AM-9AM
- Team CycleWorx.in will also be there to assist you.

Cycle 10Km- Rs 0/-
Cycle 20Km- Rs 0/-
Cycle 30Km- Rs 0/-
Last date of registration is 22 April or as soon as the targeted spots are filled.
Rules & guidelines
- Min entry age is 12 years
- E-bikes or Battery powered cycles are not allowed
- You are required to read and agree to the self-safety precautions (will be sent separately by email after registration)
Safety precautions for cycling
- Always wear a helmet while riding a bicycle
- Obey traffic rules at all times
- Wear a reflective jacket/vest if you are riding in low light areas, especially during night time
- Blinking tail lights are very helpful during night rides
- Keep optimum tyre pressure in both the tyres as per the prescribed

PSI for your cycle
- Check your brakes and tyre pressure before every ride
- Always carry some cash for emergency
- Fix water bottles cages and carry a bottle of water at all times
- Carry some snacks/fruits if you are riding longer distances
- Keep emergency contacts handy at all times
- Preferably choose well-lit roads with less traffic
- Keep at least two bikes length at the back and one bike length in the sides if you are riding as a group
- Ride as a single queue in narrow lanes
- Learn to fix punctures and carry a puncture kit

Available at CycleWorx.in:
Aid stations stocked with water, energy drink, banana & biscuits
First-Aid kits at all stations
Air pump and puncture kits
Queries to be addressed to support@coachravinder.com
Waiver statement: 
By attending or joining this ride, you agree to the following:
- I have read the rules and understand the nature of this ride and run event. I agree that I am joining this at my own risk and take full responsibility for my safety and actions during the ride.
- By attending or joining this event, if any harm, injury, loss, liability or damage is caused to me or my property, I AND/OR any of my family members or any representatives shall not hold anyone including fellow club riders/members or event organizers liable or responsible for the same
- I affirm and state that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained for participating in the designated event. I have been certified to be physically fit by licensed medical practitioner and agree to indemnify the organizers its agents, employees and associates, the organizing committee and other persons connected to the event against any losses, damages, costs, liabilities, claims or proceedings arising out of any misstatement and/ or misrepresentation made herein.


Dwarka, New Delhi, India
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