DevOps India Summit 2022  Global  DevOps and SRE Award Nominations | Event in undefined | Townscript
DevOps India Summit 2022  Global  DevOps and SRE Award Nominations | Event in undefined | Townscript

DevOps India Summit 2022 Global DevOps and SRE Award Nominations

Aug 26 | 08:00 AM (IST)
Online Event

Event Information

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Digital Transformation in the Cloud

Explore the Intelligent and Efficient DevSecOps, SRE and Observability with use of Value Stream Management and technologies like AI/ML, Blockchain and DataOps.”

The DevOps India Summit 2022 (#DOIS22) conference comes back for the 5th year. The conference brings together the practitioners of DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE – Leaders, Managers, Engineers, Programmers and Architects.
This year conference features the use of AIOps/MLOps, DataOps and Observability in DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE Transformation. Delegates get to learn from real cases how better decision-making and better tools deliver customer value faster, safer, stabler and happier.
DOIS22 is a free conference bringing the Practitioners of DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE to come together and share their knowledge on a Global Platform brought to you by Xellentro from India.
The DOIS22 is the only Global DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE event from India and Xellentro has proudly been organizing this event for last 4 years to provide a platform to the practitioners of DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE to share their knowledge, interact with the peers across the Globe and contribute to building a community and promote the right ways of implementing DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE.
Why Attend?
Improve your knowledge by listening to the real case stories
Upskill yourself and your team to get the best out of your transformation learning from the Global Experts
Hear the speakers on the future and trends
Network within the Industry

DOIS Award 2022 is being organized by DevOps India Summit. This is the second year of this global award on DevOps and SRE recognizing the excellence in the area of DevSecOps, SRE and use of Cloud, Blockchain, AIOps, MLOps and Value Stream Management in improving DevSecOps and SRE area.
As per Carlota Perez, we are in the middle of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Socio-economic needs give rise to demand for new technology and new technology gives rise to new socio-economic need. As we are in the middle of the Industry 4.0, there is a lot more to change in way customer expects the products and services they consume and also how these needs will influence change in technology advancement. This means we have to have agility and adaptability. Time is not for big-bang transformation but for gradual and continual evolution, co-creating value. Companies need to be able to do this and this requires use of DevSecOps, SRE, AIOps and MLOps. In this award we want to see this coming out and not just the use of each in Silo.
This award will be open to the following:
DevSecOps, SRE, Cloud, Blockchain, AIOps/MLOps and VSM implementation Teams
Product Vendors
System Integrators
Awards nomination will be accepted from across the globe.
Why nominate for this Award?
This is the second time a global award is being organized from India as part of the prestigious DOIS event, after the grand success of DOIS21.
The winners will be highlighted in the DOIS22 Virtual event in-front of thousands of delegates and stalwarts of DevSecOps and SREs.
The winners will also be able to present in DOIS22 virtual global event. This will help in showcasing the good work done, give back to the community by sharing the knowledge.
It endorses you for the good work done by the expert jury consisting of global experts in the respective area. This will help organizations to reward their team, as people are most important to the organization.
It helps organizations to position themselves as the industry leader and helps improve the organization profile.
Finally, it also gives you the opportunity to network with a large number of fellow practitioners across the globe.
Selection Criteria
The judgement will be based on the following:
Final Outcome and Improvement
Uniqueness of the solution
Innovative Toolchain architecture
Usage of Cloud, Blockchain, AIOps and MLOps in further improving DevSecOps and SRE processes
Use of Value Stream Management
All work submitted should have been completed before Dec 31, 2021 and started not earlier than January 1, 2021. The submission should have substantiation of the claims for each of the Selection Criteria.


This is an online event
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