GEN TRIZ Advanced (Level 2) Innovation Workshop Online | Event in TBA | Townscript
GEN TRIZ Advanced (Level 2) Innovation Workshop Online | Event in TBA | Townscript

GEN TRIZ Advanced (Level 2) Innovation Workshop Online

May 25 '20 - Jun 05 '20 | 05:00 PM (IST)

Event Information

 GEN TRIZ, LLC with its innovation methodology, access to global experts, and experience in new products and processes development is well equipped to assist TRIZ specialists in enhancing their innovation capabilities and creativity.
 GEN TRIZ methodology is a systematic approach to innovation based on an advanced application of TRIZ (Russian acronym for Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). Specifically, a collection of tools is applied algorithmically to identify the right problem, solve the problem efficiently and ensure that solutions are aligned with business strategy.
 GEN TRIZ, LLC has broad experience in innovation education programs. We taught GEN TRIZ methodology thousands of engineers, scientists, and managers at General Electric, General Motors, Alcoa, Intel, Motorola, Ingersoll Rand, British American Tobacco, Wrigley, Siemens, POSCO, and other Fortune 500 companies.
 Thus, GEN TRIZ is pleased to offer to people that were trained on the basic level its Advanced Workshop in GEN TRIZ innovation methodology to be conducted online from May 25 to June 6, 2020.
Training Workshop Objectives and Structure
 The objective of the Advanced Workshop is to radically improve innovation effectiveness of TRIZ specialists of the Level 1
 The workshop agenda is structured to create a balanced combination of theoretical knowledge about selected analytical- and problem solving tools and practical skills sufficient for effective application of these tools. For this purpose the workshop includes lectures and hands-on practice with canned case studies using GEN TRIZ proprietary software “Innovation Navigator”.
 Additional training tools: training presentation, handouts, manuals
 As a result of the workshop participants will undergo a test in order to be certified on Level 2 TRIZ Specialist by International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ)
Workshop Contents – TRIZ LEVEL 2
 Overview of Basic course materials
 Function Analysis for Processes (FA)
 Facilitated hands-on practice of FA using “Innovation Navigator”
 Review of learned materials
 Trimming for Processes
 Standard Inventive Solutions (SIS)
 Facilitated hands-on practice of Trimming using “Innovation Navigator”
 Review of learned materials
 Standard Inventive Solutions (SIS)
 Facilitated hands-on practice of SIS using “Innovation Navigator”
 Review of learned materials
 Standard Inventive Solutions (SIS)
 Function-Oriented Search (FOS)
 Facilitated hands-on practice of SIS using “Innovation Navigator”
 Review of learned materials
 Introduction to ARIZ
 MATRIZ Level 2 Test
 Discussion of test results
 Preparation to report-out
 Report-out
Competence you Develop
 Successful passage of Level 1 requirements
 An understanding of the essence of cause - effect analysis and identify root / key disadvantages
 The ability to formulate key problems
 The ability to find competitive and alternative systems
 The ability to identify pairs of opposite features for alternative systems.
 The ability to build function models for processes
 The ability to formulate the trimming conditions for process components
 Complete knowledge of the principles of construction and transformation of Su-Field models
 Knowledge of the structure of ARIZ
 Knowledge of the indicators and characteristics of the development stages of technical systems
Description of Training Workshop: Format
 The course is delivered online using a combination of lecture materials and interactive facilitated hands-on practice
 Participants are organized in virtual teams to analyze and solve some canned problems (case studies) using GEN TRIZ’s “Innovation Navigator” software ( temporary version )
 Trainees work from home
 Trainers provide lectures via Skype, Zoom, WebEx or other platform (multiple connections, shared screen)
 During hands-on practice virtual teams may contact the trainer and ask questions, sharing a screen with him
 Trainees complete the computerized test on the last session of the workshop
Workshop Schedule & Format
  May 25 - May 29 & June 1 to June 5
 Time : 17hrs to 21hrs ( IST )
Total : 40hrs
There would be no lectures on May 30 & May 31, being Saturday & Sunday.
 Trainers:
– Alex Lyubomirskiy, TRIZ Master, Chief Scientific Officer of GEN TRIZ, LLC
– Shree Phadnis, Level 3 TRIZ Expert, Director of TRIZ Asia
 Prerequisite:
– Participants should have MATRIZ Level 1 certificate or recommendation from his/her trainer of Basic Workshop
 Duration:
– Workshop: 40 hours – 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. Totally – 2 consequitive calendar weeks
– Each training session includes 1 coffee-brake (15 minutes)
 Who should attend:
– This course is appropriate for engineers, researchers, and managers
Description of Training Workshop: Technical Requirements
 All trainees should have individual Windows computers connected to Internet equipped with a webcams, headsets, and microphones
 The temporary version of the Innovation Navigator should be pre-installed and activated at least one day prior the workshop
 Installation file and activation certificates will be provided by GEN TRIZ.
 The Innovation Navigator software would be active for a month from its activation. In case the candidate wishes to buy the permanent license of the Innovation Navigator software he can do so by purchasing it with an additional cost.
 Trainees should pre-install testing program at least one day before the test
 Installation file and test file will be provided by GEN TRIZ
 All trainees should have soft copies of training decks. PDF files will be provided by GEN TRIZ
 Writing paper for sketches and drawings
Innovation Navigator
 Innovation Navigator (IN) supports all stages of innovation projects: analysis of products and processes, problem identification, and problem solving.
 Analytical part of IN includes the following modules:
• S-Curve Analysis
• Function Analysis for products
• Function Analysis for processes
• Cause-Effect Chain Analysis
• Trimming for products
• Trimming for processes
• Feature Transfer
 The problem-solving part of IN includes the following modules
• Resolving of Engineering Contradictions
• Resolving of Physical Contradictions
• Application of Standard Inventive Solutions
 IN proved its efficiency as an innovation tool for technical managers, engineers and researchers in applied sciences. Among Innovation Navigator software users are companies like General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, General Motors, Wrigley, Ingersoll-Rand, etc
About the Mentor
Alex Lyubomirskiy – Chief Scientific Officer GEN TRIZ, TRIZ Master (Level 5 MATRIZ)
 Dr. Lyubomirskiy has more than 30 years of experience of in-depth research and development of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), Value Engineering (VE), Innovative Technology of Design (ITD), TRIZplus, and GEN TRIZ. He was a major contributor to the development of such post-TRIZ tools such as Function Analysis, Trimming, Feature Transfer, S-Curve Analysis, and Evolutionary Trends.
 Over the years, Mr. Lyubomirskiy has lead mentorship and facilitation programs for a number of Fortune 500 companies (e.g. General Electric, Intel, Siemens, British American Tobacco, Alcoa, Wrigley, etc.) in countries like USA, Germany, UK, China, South Korea, Colombia, etc. Since 1983, Mr. Lyubomirskiy has trained thousands of people to become innovation professionals. He is the lead instructor for seminars that grant MATRIZ Level 3 certification (the highest level achievable through learning).
 G. Altshuller, the founder of TRIZ, awarded Mr. Lyubomirskiy with his certification for TRIZ Master.
 He is the author of more than 20 patents and multiple publications.
 He is also a member of TRIZ Master Certification Council, Methodological Expertise Board, and MATRIZ R&D Council
Shree Phadnis, Chairman TRIZ Association of Asia, TRIZ LEVEL 3 Practitioner.
Mr. Phadnis has been involved in consulting and training interventions in Innovation, Balanced Scorecard development, Process Improvement and Quality domain
Shree has been involved in many project interventions in companies like, Crompton, Mahindra& Mahindra tractor division, Hitachi, Forbes Marshall, Ministry of defense Singapore and many others and has helped these organizations develop innovative new products, some of which have even won national awards as the most innovative product in their respective categories, and solve tough technological challenges
Shree is a BE (Mechanical), Post graduation in Quality Management from World Wide Quality Management Network, Post Graduate in Patent Law from NALSAR University, Shree is a Certified I-TRIZ Directed Evolution Specialist by Ideation International Inc. Shree is a Certified TRIZ User and Trainer from MATRIZ at level 3. Shree Is a Gold certificate holder at level 3 from Institute of Innovative Design, Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB) , Educated on Effective Education and Problem Management Tools Based on TRIZ under TRIZ Master Nikolai Khomenko, Educated on teaching TRIZ to children aged 3 to 10 under TRIZ expert Tatiata Sudrouch and Alla Nestrenko
Payment terms
 Professional fees are INR 1,20,000 per participant
 Fees include 1 attempt of the LEVEL 2 MATRIZ test, to be conducted on June 5, 2020.
 The fees are exclusive of taxes.
 The fees include assigning to the participant any IP created by the GEN TRIZ & TA trainers in the course of the workshop
 Payment terms are 100% advance.
 Fees will be subject to all sovereign, state and local sales, use, excise, privilege, payroll, occupational, value added and any other taxes, fees and/or duties of any kind applicable to the services. The participant will withhold the applicable taxes and be responsible for payment of such taxes in their country
 GEN TRIZ & TA retains all rights to all methodologies, tools, templates, case studies and other training materials created or used by GEN TRIZ & TA during the course of delivering the Program.
 The workshop agenda fits all requirements of MATRIZ Certification Program. Trainees passed the test in the end of the workshop will be eligible for Level 2 TRIZ Specialist certificate.


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