GEMS Survival Series (Part 2 & 3) | Event in Singapore | Townscript
GEMS Survival Series (Part 2 & 3) | Event in Singapore | Townscript

GEMS Survival Series (Part 2 & 3)

Sep 17 '22 - Oct 08 '22 | 09:00 AM (SGT)

Event Information

The Community Emergency Preparedness Programme (CEPP) focuses on core lifesaving skills and essential emergency procedures with greater emphasis on practical hands-on engagements.

This will aid participants' understanding and allow them to practically apply what they have learnt to help others during emergencies.

Date : 17 September 2022
Time : 0900 - 1300hrs

Date : 8 October 2022
Time : 0900 - 1300hrs

CEPP Tier 1: ‘I AM SAFE’ Programme
Emergency Prepared Citizens will undergo the e-learning module and self-assessment module via
the SCDF website or the MySCDF mobile app.
This e-learning programme focuses on two key topics:
• What do you do when a fire breaks out?
• Improvised First Aid Skills (IFAS) Plus
Participants will receive an e-certificate upon successful completion

CEPP Tier 2: ‘REPONSE READY’ Programme
Bystander Responders will undergo practical hands-on training on three vital Emergency
Preparedness (EP) skills known as the ‘Triangle of Life’.
This three-pronged skill comprises:
• Basic first-aid;
• CPR-AED; and
• Basic fighting fire using fire extinguishers and hose reels.

1. Overview of SGSecure
2. Essential EP knowledge
3. First Aid
  • Roles of a First Aider and Scene Safety
  • Contents of First Aid Kit
  • Burns, Wounds and Bleeding Management
  • Sprain Management
  • Choking
4. CPR - AED
  • Application of D.A.R.E concept
  • Save-A-Life initiative
5. Fire Fighting
  • Procedures of operating a fire extinguisher and a hose reel
6. SGSecure App

Participants must complete the Tier 2 online module before physical class, and are todisplay the e-certificate of completion during attendance taking before the class.

The online module covers the theory portion of the ‘Response Ready’ programme, i.e. ‘Triangle of Life’ knowledge. It is accessible via this link: Upon successful completion, participants will receive an e-certificate. 

CEPP Tier 3: ‘LIFESAVER’ Programme
Volunteer Lifesavers will undergo a slew of comprehensive lifesaving skills such as infant CPR, 2-
men CPR and advanced EP knowledge to enable him to assist the SCDF crew in mitigating
emergencies. This programme advocates active volunteerism during emergencies by encouraging participants to register as Volunteer Lifesavers via the myResponders app and/or signing up for Civil Defence Auxillary Unit (CDAU).

1. First Aid (enhanced)
    • Fractures
    • Seizures/Fits
    • Stroke

    • CPR (Adult)
    • CPR (Infant)

3. Fire Safety & Evacuation and Procedures
    • Triangle of Combustion
    • Classes of Fire
    • Refresher of Fire Extinguisher and Hose-reel operating procedures
    • Smoke Escape hood
    • Evacuation procedures in HDB estates and High rise buildings

4. Emergency Procedures
    • In-Place Protection Procedures
    • Knowledge on PWS Sirens
    • Decontamination Procedures

5. SGSecure App

Participants must complete the full Tier 2 programme (i.e. online module + physical class) before attending for the Tier 3 programme.


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