Funconf 2021 | Event in NA | Townscript
Funconf 2021 | Event in NA | Townscript

Funconf 2021

Jul 10 '21 | 02:30 PM (IST)
Online Event

Event Information

Join 5th edition of FUNCONF - India’s First Gamification focused Unconference for cultivating and fostering Innovation, Collaboration, Hyper-Productivity, Employee Engagement, Agile Adoption/Transformation/Sustenance, Continuous Improvement, Actionable Retrospection, Purposeful Reporting, and the list can be endless, but we hope we made some sense with our starting points.

With Funconf, we want to provide an immersive exploration of gamification, facilitation, and serious games at work. Games are activities focused on teaching, demonstrating, and improving organizational Productivity, Agility, and Effectiveness through fun activities and simulations.

The event is spread out on 2 Days:

  • Day1 (10 July 2021): This day will be a focused 6 Games/Expert-Talks/Workshops. There is also a quiz for you all, that will offer you a chance to win an INR1000 Amazon Coupon.
  • Day2 (24 July 2021): This day you get to learn to design your own game in a Hackathon, under the expert Guidance of Ercan Altug YILMAZ, Gamification Master of Turkey. Selected games will be highlighted on our website along with your video recorded from the session.


  • Solution Design by Game Thinking: Learn five major steps of creating a solution using games, real-life examples, and applications that are applicable to a wide variety of sectors.
  • Estimations for Agility: Will story points work for enabling Agility or hourly estimates? To figure out, and align all your stakeholders on the same page, play this game and discover a good estimation approach for your team.
  • Achieve Collaboration at Scale: Simulate and (safely and quickly) experiment with alternatives and verify their effects for achieving collaboration in the complex environments of enterprises where it's easy to fall down the rabbit hole of silos and no-communication. Discover the best protocol/practices/way to create an effective and efficient collaboration culture through this Serious Game at Work.
  • Gamification for Collaborative Product & Solution Design: A gamified approach for complex Product and Solution Design for Product Owners, Managers, Agile Enablers, and teams, enabling collaboration and realization of the team's highest potential.
  • Design your Org's Culture: Changing Culture is not easy. This game will empower you with the needed tools and facilitation approach for culture mapping to assess your current company culture, define your future state, and evolve workplace culture.
  • Discover the Secrets of Building High Retention Products: Do you want to unlock the development secrets behind high-retention products? Come to this session and learn tips for building habits that stick, and creating delightful products that your customers return to again and again.


Gamification helps people cut loose their inhibitions and open up to new ideas. It increases their receptiveness and engagement. Another by-product of Gamification is Happiness, Unlearning, Unwinding, and Innovation. Example topics of interest are, but not limited to:

  1. Games or Activities to help participants learn concepts
  2. Ice-breakers to engage the audience
  3. Warm-up or an Energizer to raise the level of energy or get their attention back
  4. Facilitation techniques that you can use in your daily work
  5. Team building exercises that foster collaboration and self-organization
  6. Game design sessions where you invent a new game to teach something new
  7. Coaching techniques
  8. Visual facilitation, involving sketching and doodling

Fun and energetic time with dancing, singing, or being silly together

As a by-product, you will see a tremendous improvement in your facilitation and communication skills, and your ability to accompany the change in your organization. It will also foster your creativity and improve your capacity to innovate.


This is an online event
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