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Extreme Programming | Event in Pune | Townscript

Extreme Programming

Sep 20 - 21 '19 | 09:30 AM (IST)

Event Information

Training: Extreme Programming

"Many people (including myself) consider XP to be the primary catalyst that got attention to agile methods, and superior to Scrum as a base for starting out in agile development."
— Extreme Programming, Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist ThoughtWorks

Can you safely deploy to production, anytime? Even on a Friday afternoon? Can you accept changes to requirements, even late in development? Can you go fast? Can you sustain low cycle time and reasonable velocity throughout the project, for months and years?
Yes, you can, if you use the right process.

Extreme Programming, developed by Kent Beck and Ron Jeffries, with major contributions by Ward Cunningham, Don Wells, Chet Hendrickson, Laurie Williams, and others, during their work on the Chrysler C3 (Chrysler Comprehensive Compensation) System, is a process that turns change from an enemy into a friend. It harnesses change for your competitive advantages. It features similar roles, ceremonies, and artifacts as Scrum. But on top of that, Extreme Programming covers a lot of ground about how to develop software, how to run iterations (sprints). It is a framework of values, activities, and practices targeted to actually produce software.


Developers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Managers


Participants need a basic understanding of software development in general. Being able to program is not necessary.


Learn the practices of Extreme Programming and how they benefit improving your software development process.


Extreme Programming is a development method described by Kent Beck, Ron Jeffries, Ward Cunningham, and others in the late 1990ies. It is an Agile process framework like Scrum. Younger than Scrum, and with its origins deeply rooted in software development, it is not a universal agile framework and can only be applied to software development. But in software development, it is regarded as one of the most successful process frameworks, because it closes the gaps that others leave around technical practices.

  • History and Origins of Extreme Programming
  • The Manifesto of Agile Software Development
  • The Manifesto of Software Craftsmanship
  • Context: Scrum, Agile, Kanban, Lean
  • Risk, the four variables, cost of change, the two values of software
  • Activities: Coding, Testing, Listening, Designing
  • XP Values: Communication, Simplicity, Feedback, Courage, Respect
  • Scrum Values: Focus, Openness, Respect, Courage, Commitment
  • Feedback, XP Feedback Loops, XP Feedback Dimensions: System, Customer, Team
  • User Stories and Backlogs, User Story Template, INVEST Stories, SMART Tasks, Acceptance Criteria, BDD/ATDD overview, Spikes
  • Process Evolution, Comparison with Scrum, Why Scrum is not enough, How XP turns the waterfall on its head, Test Automation Pyramid, DevOps Pyramid
  • Roles, XP Coach, Onsite Customer, Developer
  • Principles: Feedback, Assuming Simplicity, Embracing Change
  • Ceremonies: Release, Iteration, Planning, Review, Retrospective, DSM
  • Fine-scaled Feedback Practices: Pair Programming, Planning Game, Test-Driven Development (TDD, BDD), Whole Team
  • Continuous Process Practices ("Automate All-the-things, Continuous All-the-things"): Continuous Refactoring, Design Improvement, Continuous Integration, Release, Delivery, Deployment, Small Releases, Automation, Trunk-based Development
  • Shared Understanding Practices: Coding Standards, Collective Code Ownership, Simple Design, System Metaphor, Radiator
  • Programmer Welfare Practices: Sustainable Pace
Event Type

This is a two-day open (anyone can register) instructor-led classroom training/workshop about Extreme Programming. The number of seats is limited to ensure the best quality training and best workshop experience for the participants. The course fee includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks on both of the days.

At the end of the session, you will get a Certificate of Participation from Nelkinda, signed by the trainer.


Your trainers for this event are Christian Hujer and Siddhesh Nikude.

Christian Hujer has 20 years of experience in XP practices and 25 years of experience in software development in general. He's been training developers and teams for organizations like BNP Paribas, Elsevier, Giesecke & Devrient, Nokia, SUN Microsystems, Volkswagen, and many others.

Siddhesh Nikude has 7+ years of experience in Software Development and Agile Transformation. He is well aware of methodologies, processes, and practices like Scrum, Agile, Automation, TDD, BDD, SOLID and has helped other organizations in their transformation journey.

Important Note

This is a special intro offer. For the workshop exercises, participants SHOULD bring their own laptop. If you're a developer, please have your favorite IDE installed.

Terms and Conditions

By booking, you're accepting our Terms and Conditions.

Time and Location

The training happens on 2019-09-20 09:30 AM at The Bar Tales, NDA Pashan Rd (Google Maps). Bring your own Laptop. Please be on time, the training will start at 09:30 AM sharp!


The Bar Tales
Sagar Co-Operative Housing Society, Bavdhan, Pune, India
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