Europe India Fintech Summit | Event in Bengaluru | Townscript
Europe India Fintech Summit | Event in Bengaluru | Townscript

Europe India Fintech Summit

Sep 25 '20 | 09:30 AM (IST)

Event Information

                                  'Europe India Fintech Summit 2020'

                                                    28th May 2020 – Bangalore

Europe India Centre for Business & Industry & Sivaleen Foundation for Developed India is organising 'Europe India Fintech Summit 2020' (#EIfintech), which will be our 25th Major summit. #EIfintech follows the hosting of 24 Major business summits in the European Union (22 summits at the British Parliament and 2 summits at the European Parliament) whereby EICBI & it's delivery partner Sivaleen has engaged more than 3240 delegates from 2190 companies during the course of the decade. 

Europe India Fintech Summit will focus on the fintech scenario in the UK, the EU and India along with the burning question on regulatory matters, Brexit and EU-UK-India Fintech cooperation will be the focal point​ of the summit, attracting delegates throughout the day. The stage will host keynotes, fireside chats and panels, each convening some of the most influential names in global FinTech to explore innovation in the space.

#EIfintech is expected to bring together business leaders, FinTech entrepreneurs, the investor community, policy makers, governments and the world’s largest organisations to imagine and develop the framework for the next generation of FinTech innovations in regulation, payments, blockchain technology and more. Representatives from the global FinTech community will discuss the impact of the sector on consumers and economies across their respective regions with special focus on collaboration between Europe and India.

                                                                    WHAT TO EXPECT 

  • Insight into the latest developments of FinTech as EICBI's Fintech 2020 convenes for a day long of engagement and break-out sessions. 
  • The impact of Brexit on Fintech in the UK and the EU will be a prime focus. 
  • The Brexit highlight will include Market Access, Authorization, Foreign Investment and International talent requirements. 
  • Europe-India Fintech Relations - The summit would strengthen the Strategic Partnership of the regions by confirming the momentum and opportunities in the FinTech domain for the year 2020. 
  • Global issues - The summit will reinforce the role of EU, UK and India as long term partners in the Fintech industry's growth and prosperity by creating clarity on current and emerging opportunities in the corridor. 
  • Foreign policy - Discussions on foreign policy will focus on the latest developments in EU's, UK and India's financial services and technology ecosystem from both regulatory and industrial perspectives. 
  • Creation of jobs through fostering trade and economic cooperation is an extended area of discussion. 
  • Distinguished speakers from EU, UK and India - These individuals will share their knowledge and experience in content rich sessions. 
  • Opportunities to network - Connect with legends of FinTech, industry insiders, influential journalists, policy makers and the hottest new talent. 
  • Association - Involvement with on-stage demos, presentations and exhibitor spaces will be a great opportunity to showcase your Fintech products and services. 
  • Planting your Story - Presence will be witnessed from startups, policy makers, investors, international hubs and global media thereby making the platform an opportunity in itself to get spotted and build your reach. 
  • Launch of EuropeIndiaFintech50 list - A list of 50 Emerging Fintech Industry Leaders list from the EU, UK and India.


Lalit Ashok
Bangalore, Bengaluru, India
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