Europe India Beauty Summit | Event in England | Townscript
Europe India Beauty Summit | Event in England | Townscript

Europe India Beauty Summit

Oct 17 '19 | 10:00 AM (CUT)

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                      'Europe India Beauty Summit 2019'

                                             17th October 2019 – London


'Europe India Beauty Summit 2019' (EIBeauty), our 24th Major summit in the European Union during the course of this decade, brings together leading beauty brands from India and European Union alongside disruptive beauty tech start-ups to shape the future of beauty sector in the EU India corridor. The conference will be held on 17th October with discussions and interactions on 17th October at the British Parliament and Croydon Town Hall in London.

EIBeauty follows the hosting of 23 Major business summits in the European Union ( 21 summits at the British Parliament and 2 summits at the European Parliament) whereby EICBI & it's delivery partner Sivaleen Inc, has engaged 3200 delegates from 2100 companies during the course of this decade.

The summit at the British Parliament will be chaired by Hon Bob Blackman who is the Member of British Parliament and Vice Chair of India British All Party Parliamentary Group ( APPG ) in the UK Parliament. The summit is expected to attract beauty business leaders and entrepreneurs from the European Union, UK, India, policymakers from European Union and India, Members of British Parliament and other invited guests.

The summit aims to provide Indian and EU beauty business leaders with access to the connections, financing, resources and strategic insight they need to grow their business in India and EU. The goal of the summit is to inspire beauty business leaders from the EU and India about the potential of EU India relations for a deeper commercial relationship in the beauty sector.


Panel discussions - Beauty Business Leaders share and discuss their points of view on about beauty sector in EU and India. Audiences will also be invited to interact and ask questions towards the end of each discussion

Keynote addresses - Influential beauty leaders share their vision for deeper commercial relations amongst EU and Indian companies in the beauty sectors and guidance on how to develop them further. Audiences will get an opportunity to interact with them during the event.

Business Networking - This conference provides numerous opportunities for beauty business leaders to interact with one another in an exclusive closed-door environment to discuss potential areas of synergy.

Industry visit - These specially planned visits to EU companies will enable delegates to interact with executives & workforce so as to get a closer look at the latest research, innovations &opportunities.


  • Beauty Business leaders from micro, small and medium scale enterprises
  • Investors and Investment seekers
  • Banking and Financial Institution Representatives
  • Consultants seeking new engagements
  • Accountants who can help new companies
  • Solicitors/Lawyers who provide guidance
  • Senior Academicians and Thought Leaders


The summit will also see the launch of #EuIndiaBeauty50 – Top 50 Emerging EU-India Beauty Leaders list – at the British Parliament. This list will acknowledge the contributions of 50 men and women from the European Union and India to the beauty sector. The list will be released at the British Parliament during the Europe India Beauty Summit 2019 and the leaders in the list will be profiled and promoted through our various marketing channels.

We will be scouting the EU India Corridor to discover potential beauty leaders who are not only contributing to the beauty sector but are also creating a social impact through their work. If would like to nominate yourself or would like to nominate someone who is playing a leading role in the beauty sector in EU or India. please find the nomination form here.


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  • Proven strategies, real experiences, fresh thinking that beauty business leaders can learn from and implement with confidence.
  • Join CEOs, CFOs, Exec. GMs, Marketers and Board members to receive an extensive briefing on strategies for beauty businesses to pursue your business in India and the EU.
  • There is very less awareness of opportunities in the beauty sector in India amongst small scale companies in the EU. Therefore, this summit can help business leaders from India to know more about EU Market and tap opportunities in EU and business leaders from the EU to know more about the Indian market.
  • Interaction with experts from EU and India which helps in updating the knowledge at interactive sessions
  • Global networking: In transferring and exchanging Ideas
  • Scope of enhancing marketing opportunities and collaborations
  • Network with key experts (EU/ India) and explore new business opportunities
  • Sharing and learning of best practices and success stories
  • Sharing your points of view on growth enablers and get feedback for the same from other experts at the conference

Europe India Beauty Summit 2019' will bring huge benefits to all the leaders from beauty sector who attend by increasing access to the connections in EU India corridor, financing, resources and strategic insight for growing their business across continents.


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