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Jan 10 | 12:00 PM (EEST)
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Going to college? --- Even old-timers get nervous on the first day

If you look in the mirror and see that you have more gray in your hair than Carter's little liver pills, you might be wondering, "What the hell am I doing !?" Butterflies in your stomach wreak havoc with your French toast breakfast. first day of school is yours. So you're going to college and you're old as dirt --- or at least you feel this way and you're afraid that other students will think about it You are so nervous you don't know whether to snatch or whether to crawl back into bed, buried under the covers for the next few months, or maybe both.

Going to college for the first time, even at fifty-one, doesn't have to be a life-threatening experience. Think of it as your personal improvement mode, such as essay writing with the professional writing service that you just put off until the kids grow up and leave. Something like a quality time alone with yourself. You have registered for classes and purchased books and supplies. You cannot be weak now. So, get out of the closet, grab your briefcase and get down to campus immediately!

In order. I can do it. I can do it. This phase runs over and over in your mind like a stuck 78 rpm as you drive through a parking lot looking for a parking spot.So what if the entrance to the building is a mile away !? You left your home at six, and your first lesson doesn't start until eight, leaving you an hour and fifteen minutes to walk through the door of your first college year. And not knowing how to write an essay, you buy essay and it helped you in learning. This is how you managed to write a quality essay.

Five or so students who arrived before you take you for their instructor. It's okay to feel flattered that they're all just kids, and the pink blush on your cheeks will be mistaken for makeup. Not wanting to draw attention to yourself, you choose a seat in the middle of the class, not at the very beginning or at the very end.

The clock is ticking and the class begins to fill up with noisy students talking and laughing without the slightest sign of trepidation. There was silence in the room, and you looked up to see the instructor standing at his desk. And you knew it would be homework to write an essay. But you took advantage of the professional essay writing service and he helped with your homework. This is how you learned how to do your homework without too much difficulty.

He reminds you of your son when he was much younger. Then you realize that you prayed that he would get older - much older, but that does not mean that at least one person in the room will be older than you.

Suddenly you relax and smile - a very elderly gentleman has just entered the room and sat down right in front of you. His hair, unlike your gray hair, the color of salt and pepper, is snow-white. He smiles and everyone smiles back, thinking you're sure he must be Santa Claus with his rosy cheeks and red nose. The only thing missing was a beard, which he probably doesn't wear in the summer.
At the end of the day, you walk to your car, wave to the other students and call them by name. You feel good. Smiling to yourself, you think about the events of the day. The younger students and teachers were very caring, so age has its advantages. You have never been treated with as much respect as you did on that first day of college, and you are glad to find that your worldly experience has served you well in all your studies. All in all, it was a good day and you are already looking forward to tomorrow.

Returning to college in middle age or beyond shouldn't be an unpleasant experience. Just think of the experience you need to share with your much younger classmates and teachers. You have already experienced a lot of what they can only read about.

Therefore, if you are thinking about going to college, do not hesitate, because at your age you may feel out of place. Take this from someone who has been there - it's an experience well worth the investment. I went to college part-time for several years and graduated just after I turned fifty-four, and some of my most enjoyable and memorable times were spent on the campus of Eastfield Community College in Texas and the University of Arkansas at Jonesboro.

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