DRAGCON 2019 | Event in Hyderabad | Townscript
DRAGCON 2019 | Event in Hyderabad | Townscript


Oct 26 '19 | 05:30 PM (IST)

Event Information

Hyderabad is celebrating its first-ever “DragCon 2019” on October 26th Sat at Hylife brewing club

What is Drag?

Drag is the wearing of the opposite gender’s clothing and has been a practice for centuries, from Shakespeare’s heroines, who were all played by boys, to Aamir Khan in drag in Baazi. In the US, it has involved mostly gay men in bar and ball cultures (the film Paris is Burning is a classic example), but there are a range of performative activities that constitute drag: from the biting cabaret-style, theatrical performance of British drag queen Divine David (David Hoyle) to the purely entertaining (US RuPaul, who, ruefully one has to report, has kinda lost it). Hyd’s first drag event will have elements of all these. Do come along and see Hyderabad’s drag folk in all their resplendent glory.

What is DragCon?

DragCon is an event like “Comic-Con” is an annual exhibition of drag cultures where drag performers, presenters come together to celebrate drag as an art form. Drag Con Hyderabad is an inspiration from the RuPaul's DragCon NYC an annual expo of drag culture held in New York City, which debuted in September 2017. It is based on the successful RuPaul's DragCon LA which was launched in Los Angeles in 2015 and considered the "world's largest celebration of drag culture" with 50,000 attendees. To break the ice about drag culture and bring it into mainstream club culture and encourage youngsters to pursue opportunities in drag we bring Drag Con to Hyderabad. It’s an Indian way of celebrating the diversity of DRAG

What’s New?

For the first time, more than 6 Drag Performers will be a part of this solo extravaganza. The drag performers coming from different walks of lives such as fashion, art, beauty industry, corporates, journalism and education bringing their unique flavour to this art. We have a diverse line up of artist performing Camp Drag, Tranimal, Androgynous, Clown, Goth, Faux and Anonymous drag styles. Performers include Arjun Reddy fame Aditi Mykala, Fashion Icon Taposh Haldar, Beauty stylist Javed (JaVO), performance artist Patruni Chidananda Sastry, Activist, writer and artist Ashely Tellis, Alex Parish and a surprising Anonymous drag performer.

What’s for?

As Drag been celebrated all around the world and finding its roots in India. Hyderabad has been one of the cities taking baby steps for drag, we want to take a big leap. We want to spread a message that “Humans are Humans” and present drag as a form of art to a mainstream audience and make is as usual as live music. Hence post multiple approached to get started and a ton of rejection from different venues with slurs of Drago phobia. Humans of Nirvana, a community of like-minded friends and Hyderabad drag club could finally crack the code with Hylife and bring the extravaganza into the pearl city of Hyderabad.

What’s the time, venue date?

Happening on 26th October 2019 at Hylife brewing company, Jublieehills powered by Humans of Nirvana and Hyderabad drag club.


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