SOLID Principles and Design Patterns | Event in Bangalore | Townscript
SOLID Principles and Design Patterns | Event in Bangalore | Townscript

SOLID Principles and Design Patterns

Jul 01 '17 | 10:00 AM (IST)

Event Information

Most developers are aware about design patterns. The difficulty is not in understanding them but in getting an intuitive understanding of when and how to apply them. In this session, we'll go through two case studies and a few examples to understand how to apply principles and design patterns in practice.

The first case study is on a simple bank account example. We incrementally introduce new functionality to the code; it results in working code, but with smelly code and ineffective design. Through hands-on, we understand how relevant principles and patterns can be applied effectively to improve the quality of this code.

The second case study is on a simple compiler (no prior exposure to compilers needed). The session will show ineffective but working solutions and how refactoring them to design patterns results is better design and code.

When you learn how to apply SOLID principles and design patterns like this by “discovering” them through case studies and examples, you’ll remember them forever!

Creating high-quality designs by applying relevant principles and patterns is a key skill of an architect. If you have 3+ years of development experience and want to learn key patterns, this bootcamp is certainly for you.

Buy your tickets now (and get the early bird price)! Training cost includes buffet lunch and high-tea. Detailed training presentations and code segments will be shared in soft copy.


  • Minimum 3 years of experience in one of Java or C# (if you are from any other background, please let us know if we can provide examples in your favourite language).
  • Programming examples are in both Java and C# languages. Familiarity with Java or C# language/syntax is required.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to try out the programs (Java/C# code segments). If you don't have your own laptop, you can tag with other participants.


  • Exposure to SOLID design principles
  • Exposure to key design patterns
  • Helps in career growth (in Technical Career Path) to become an architect
  • Crack interview questions related to design with ease
  • Understand how principles, patterns, smells, refactoring and technical debt are related
  • Understand how to identify smells and refactor them

Session Break-up:

  1. Introduction to SOLID design principles, patterns, technical debt, smells, and refactoring (10:00am - 10.30am)
  2. Case study on bank account code for applying principles and patterns (10:30am to 01:00pm with 15 minutes tea break)
  3. Lunch break (1 hour)
  4. Compiler case study for applying principles and patterns (2.00pm to 5.45pm)
  5. Wrap-up and networking (5:45pm to 6:00pm)

[By the end of the session you will know (a) smells such as refused bequest, conditional logic, combination explosion (b) how to apply principles such as Single Responsibility Principle and Open Closed Principle (c) know how to apply design patterns like Factory Method, Builder, Composite, Iterator, Fly-weight, Visitor, Decorator, Observer, Template Method, Command and more.]

About the Trainer:

  • Ganesh Samarthyam is a co-founder of CodeOps Technologies - a software technology, services, and training company based in Bangalore. For the last 6+ years, he worked for Siemens (Corporate Research and Technologies, Bangalore) in "Software Architecture and Development" team. Before Siemens, he worked in Hewlett-Packard’s C++ compiler team, Bangalore for 4.5 years. He also served as member of ANSI/ISO C++ standardization committee (JTC1/SC22/WG21) from 2005 to 2007 representing HP. He has Software Engineering Certified Instructor (SECI) and Professional Software Engineering Master (PSEM) certifications from IEEE. His recent book is “Refactoring for Software Design Smells: Managing Technical Debt” (Morgan Kaufmann/Elsevier; November 2014), which is being translated to other languages such as Korean. For more information, visit his websites:, or his LinkedIn page:

For any queries reach out to the organisers:

Hari Kiran ( +91 96321 77909

Ganesh Samarthyam ( +91 98801 64463

Refund policy: In case of cancellation or no show by the participant, we offer a 100% refund of the ticket amount until the day before the event and allow ticket transfers up to 24 hours prior to the event.


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