Yoga philosophy- Bhakti sutras 2 | Event in NA | Townscript
Yoga philosophy- Bhakti sutras 2 | Event in NA | Townscript

Yoga philosophy- Bhakti sutras 2

Jun 05 - 30 '21 | 01:30 PM (ST)
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4-week Philosophy Course-

Bhakti sutras Part 2

What is Bhakti? What is devotion? What is the great love? What are the means to Bhakti? What are the practices of Bhakti?

In this course, we will study the path of devotion (bhakti) according to the sage Narada. Bhakti sutras of Narada contains 84 sutras and explains bhakti in a simple and practical way, yet deeply. The class will be held in the traditional style, going through the sutra one by one. 

This is the second part of Bhakti sutra course, where we will go through sutras 25-50 (second chapter). The focus of the second chapter is more on the practices of Bhakti and means to Bhakti. This course is open for anyone who want to learn more about Bhakti- even if you haven’t done the first part of the course, it will be be no problem:) 

Course details:
- The classes will be held 3 times a week- Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, staring on Saturday, 5 June and finishing on 30 June (Total of 12 classes).

- The class will be held livestream over zoom at 1:30pm* (Indian standard time). Each class will be for approximately 2 hours. *Helsinki, Finland- 11am, Oslo, Norway- 10am, Brisbane, Australia- 6pm, Japan- 5pm.

- We will study the second chapter of Bhakti sutras in this course. 

- You can join the class livestream or through recording- each class will be recorded and the link to the recording will be sent to all the participants.

- The class materials and the zoom link will be e-mailed to the participants about one week before the course starting date. 

- The course fee:
9500 Indian rupees (approximately €106, Aus$166, JAP¥14160) for those who have done the first part of the course. *For those who has done the first course, I have sent you an email regarding the discount. If you haven’t received the email from me, please contact me. 
12500 Indian rupees (approximately €144, Aus$221, JAP¥18700) for those who have not joined the first part of the course. 

This course is for anyone who is interested in learning more about yoga, yoga philosophy and bhakti. No experience in philosophy studies is necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact Yumi by e-mail:

About Vijaya-
Vijaya Kumar Manja was born in a traditional Brahmin family in the small town Pandeshwar near Udupi in South Canara in Karnataka, South India. After completing highschool (SSLC), he joined the legendary Sringeri Sharada Peetham, one of the four Advaita centers of education established by Shankaracharya (800 AD), famous for the high standard of teaching of the Vedas and Shastras. Vijaya completed three years of studies here, achieving the sahitya degree and thereby getting deep knowledge of Sanskrit literature and the text of Rig Veda.

After completing his studies in Sringeri, he went to Mysore to study at the Maharaja Sanskrit University College, one of the most ancient and well-acclaimed institutions of education in India as well as an important traditional seat of knowledge. Here he stayed more than 6 years, studying Sanskrit and philosophy with his respectable and learned guru Vidwan Gangadhara Bhat. He earned the ‘Vidwat’ degree in the disciplines of Naveena Nyaya (medieval Indian logic) and Advaita Vedanta (the system of metaphysics expounded by Sri Sankara) and also achieved distinction in both subjects. He also completed his Masters Degree in Sanskrit from the Karnataka State Open University. During this period, Vijaya attended various elocution competitions all over India and won many prizes, the most significant being the first prize in the national elocution competition in the subjects of Sankhya and Yoga. Vijaya has recently finished his Ph.D. with a subject of 'Yoga Cikitsa'; 'curative procedures prescribed in Yoga and Upanishads'.

To share his knowledge within the field of yoga, Vijaya started a Yogagurukula in his home village Pandeshwar. His teaching includes every aspect of yoga; the study and understanding of the philosophy, the Sanskrit language, the traditional texts, the ashtanga vinyasa practice, pranayama, meditation and rituals, the spiritual aspect – every feature that is enclosed in the understanding of practicing yoga according to the yoga philosophy described in the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali.


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