SAEVUS ECO ACHIEVERS OLYMPIAD 2021 | Event in NA | Townscript
SAEVUS ECO ACHIEVERS OLYMPIAD 2021 | Event in NA | Townscript


Aug 13 - 15 '21 | 08:00 AM (IST)
Online Event

Event Information

Registration process

∗ Students of Standards III to X studying in any accredited school in India (Any Board) will be eligible to participate. 

∗ The Olympiad will be held standard-wise. 

∗ A candidate can register for one, two or three attempts at taking the examination.

∗ Best score out of the three attempts will be considered for ranking the student.


∗ The examination will be conducted as per the following schedule. Time Slots will be allotted to candidates on one of the dates listed for that particular attempt.

¬ Attempt I: 13th, 14th and 15th August

¬ Attempt II: 21st and 22nd August

¬ Attempt III: 28th and 29th August

∗ Class-wise reference material (Softcopy) will be provided free of cost on registration.

∗ Family members of Saevus employees or associates cannot take part in the Olympiad examination. 

How to take the test 

∗  On registering after payment of fees, each candidate will receive a unique ID required to be used for taking the online test.

∗ The test can be taken on a laptop/desktop or a mobile phone.

∗ The test is compatible on Google Chrome browser for laptop/desktop and Android/iOS mobile. 

∗ Candidate needs to have a reliable internet connection and power backup when completing the test.

∗ Web-Cam/ Mobile camera facility is mandatory to take the test and must be enabled for the entire duration of the test. 

∗ Proctoring will be used for monitoring of the candidates during the test and to ensure that no cheating/unfair practices are adopted by the candidate. 

Format of the test

∗ The Olympiad will be a single round examination. 

∗ The topics will cover wildlife and natural history like flora, fauna, terra, aqua along with mental ability and logical reasoning. 

∗ The test will entail 50 MCQs, which for every test will be a randomised selection from a question bank. 

∗ Test duration will be 45 minutes. 

∗ Each question will carry 3 marks for a correct answer. 

∗ There will be negative marking and 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer. 

∗ If a question is left un-attempted, it will be awarded 0 marks. 

∗ The candidate's score and timing will be shared only during the announcement of the final results.

Participation certificate

Participation certificates (E-format) will be sent across to their registered Email ID once the candidate completes all attempts at taking the test. 

Declaring winners 

∗ Standard-wise Top 10 winners will be declared. 

∗ In the case of a tie of scores between two or more candidates, the following sequence will be followed:       

-The candidate completing the test faster will be given a higher rank.      

-In case of a tie in scores and timing, the candidate with lesser number of wrong questions (negative marking) will be given a higher rank.   

 - In case of a tie in all of the above, there will be a personal interview to break the tie. 

-In case the management feels the need, personal interviews may be conducted before declaration of ranks.

∗ Commendable performances will be recognized with Gold, Silver and Bronze appreciation certificates.


Cash prizes / gift vouchers/Book prizes will be awarded to the winners. --    


This is an online event
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