Coast To Coast (India) | Event in NA | Townscript
Coast To Coast (India) | Event in NA | Townscript

Coast To Coast (India)

Jul 01 '20 - Dec 31 '20 | 12:00 AM (IST)
Online Event

Event Information

Join, Compete and Win in India's 1st Coast to Coast Virtual Ultra Run!

Coast to Coast (India) is a virtual run with categories of 500 and 1000 Milers that maps to physical route between Mangaluru - Chennai - Mangaluru.


  1. Each category has upto 6 months for completion.
  2. Data can be entered daily / weekly through Bhasin Sports portal
  3. Gift vouchers for top 3 early finishers in the following categories: Men & Women
  4. All runner will be provided with eCeritficates and virtual BIBs


Do I need to run everyday?

No. The total distance matters. You can schedule your run as per your comfort and running habits.

How many times a day can I run?

Totally up to you! You are not limited to run only one time a day. Run as many times as you want and update the cumulative distance for the day in the logs.

Is there a maximum / minimum distance that I can run in a day?

No! There is no minimum or a maximum distance to be covered every day. Run what is comfortable for you.

How do I share the logs?

A link will be shared to enter the participant's run logs. Only runs registered on this link will be considered for tracking purposes. GPX files need to be sent to

What are the dates of the event?

The Run will begin on 1st July 2020, Wednesday and finish on 31st December 2020, Thursday

Can I register for the event after it has started?

Yes you can register for the event once the event has started. However the available time for completion will remain till 31st December 2020. The calculation of top finishers will also be counted from 1st July 2020

How are the winners decided?

Runners who finish the fastest will be considered the winners.

What does a runner get?

Each runner gets an eCertificate and a virtual bib (yes, you can print it if you want!). Bib and certificates will be available within the running portal. There also may be a surprise goodie for some finishers.

What is the venue for the run? Where do I run?

Run wherever you can and wherever it is safe for you to run.

What does it say Mangaluru - Chennai - Mangaluru?

The total distance covered is mapped as per the actual distance between the cities. While you run at your choice of place, the cumulative distance will virtually travel you between the cities.

Can I register for both categories and continue after completion of 500 miler?

Yes. However you can qualify for a top finisher only in one category.

Can I upgrade to 1000 miler once I have registered for 500 Miler?

Yes you can. However, if the upgrade is after the event start date, then you will not be considered for the top finishers. Email for upgrade 

More details to follow.


This is an online event
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