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Bodies at Play | Event in NA | Townscript

Bodies at Play

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Only human beings have come to a point where they longer know why they exist. They have forgotten the secret knowledge of their bodies, their senses, their dreams. - Lame Deer & Erdoes
Embodiment is essential to fulfil our need for survival. To be embodied means that experiences are felt directly as arising from within the body without intervening thought. It is the ability to be in awareness of our bodies along with thoughts, feelings, sensations that arise in the subjective present experience. (In the here and now)
If we aren’t able to feel heat… we will get burnt, if we can’t attend to our feelings, we will not be able to respond in awareness or emotions may hijack us and manifest as stress induced illness. If we can’t feel the boundaries of our body, we may not be able to fully relate to ourselves or the environment and constantly feel the need to either armour or overextend ourselves, which rests in uncertainty and lack of belonging.
We might still be able to lead lives successfully in a state of disembodiment, however the vitality, aliveness, creative splendour along with the ability to appreciate art, feelings of being grounded in nature and to be awareness in the present moment, are all incumbent upon us rediscovering our embodied selves. Let's cultivate the embodied presence, play and narrative together and witness these stories in silence, through movement, words and sound.
Part 1: Embodied Presence
6-8 pm, 16th & 17th October
This is an Invitation to follow your impulse, the natural rhythm of your body and witness the unravelling of its stories. Allow yourself to be present to the vast landscape of your inner reality that speaks through sensation, sound and movement connecting us to the expansive wisdom of our being. Through embodied presence, play and narrative we reclaim what’s been forgotten, the intuitive intelligence of our bodies. It speaks, it sings, it's alive…are you listening?
Part 2: Embodied Play
6-8 pm, 23rd & 24th October
“We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything than when we are playing.”
Play is without the ‘why’… it is self-existent. An act with its own destination. When we play, we open the portal to our most essential self and in embodying it, create space for deep inner joy, wisdom, self-discovery. Join us in this immersive journey towards Embodied play, poetry, music and art.
Part 3: Embodied Narrative
6-8 pm, 30th & 31st October
The body is the internal landscape, which is shaped, moulded and created from its cataclysmic interaction with the world of ideas, cultures and beliefs. Our embodied experience is unique as it holds the stories of our struggles, our fears and triumphs. The way we breath, move and interact with the world is dictated by how we perceived the expanse of our lived reality.
Contribution: 1500 INR (excluding GST) for each part & 4500 INR(excluding GST) for all 3 parts.
You can register for one part, combination of any 2 parts and all 3 parts together.
About the Facilitators
Supriya Puri is the founder of Center for self an organization enabling individuals and communities to find self expression and healing through the creative arts.She is an arts based therapist and a creative movement facilitator having worked with Children,parents and adults in settings ranging from clinical to educational.
Vandana Asha is an applied theatre practitioner and founder of Rang Karwan. She is a Journalist by education and an artist by birth. With her passion being music and dance since childhood, she enjoys working with adolescents and youth. Her interests and practice lies in creating spaces for communities and using arts in learning and pedagogy. She also believes and practices a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle.


This is an online event.
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