AgilityToday 2021 Fest | Event in NA | Townscript
AgilityToday 2021 Fest | Event in NA | Townscript

AgilityToday 2021 Fest

Oct 28'20 - Mar 31'21 | 10:00 PM (IST)
Online Event

Event Information

AgilityToday is an Agility Enabling Fest that spreads over a canvas of few months and creates various Agility Enabling Spaces and Experiences for Agilists around the globe.

This year's theme is Rapid Adaptation to changes brought by COVID19 – A conversation about developing strategies.

Generated in India and centered at the Unconference, this year's AgilityToday Fest encompasses below:

  1. Mentorship Program: Women In Agile and Tech runs a 6 weeks FREE online mentorship program under AgilityToday umbrella, where we help our fellow men & women from all around the world, offer mentorship on the areas they have the expertise and seek mentorship on the areas where they want to excel. Under this program, we call for Mentee and Mentors and connect them. Mentors application is open till 25 Nov 2020 ( in case you are looking Mentee application, it will open on 28 Nov 2020. Join to get notifications on this program.

  2. Contests & Quizzes: What is more fun than learning and networking with playfulness? This year like previous years we will have fun Contests & Quizzes. All Contests and Quizzes enable get you FREE passes to unconf. They are starting on 25 Nov 2020. Join to get all announcements on Contests and Quizzes.

  3. Agile Career Bootcamp: Join us in this 2 days Career Bootcamp which enables participants in finding a path to the right Career in Agile Industry. Over two days, this Bootcamp will provide you with:
        3.1. Discovery workshop for self-assessment
        3.2. Knowing what's hot and trending in the Agile world
        3.3. Discussion with Leaders to know the hiring process and mindset
        3.4. Resume and Social presence building to be discovered for the right job

  4. PAID Pre & Post Unconference Training: We always bring certification training as well as noncertification ones which are not very frequently organized in India, and negotiate huge discounts for our participants from the Training providers. We shall share the list of this year's selected training soon.

  5. FREE Pre & Post Unconference Learning Workshops: We also organize workshops that come absolutely FREE to AgilityToday Fest participants, with the best of the brains in Indiatsry who are globally renowned. This year we are focusing on Remote Facilitation and Distributed Agility enablement, here is the list of all workshops, details on which will be shared soon:
        5.1. Mindful Product Ownership for Remote Team
        5.2. A day in the life of ScrumMaster in the remote setup
        5.3. Understanding all the Agile Scaling Frameworks
        5.4. Agile with Scrum Framework
        5.5. OKR and metrics pattern for Agile delivery
        5.6. Facilitating remote teams with Kanban
        5.7. Enabling Team collaboration by Visual Thinking in a remote setup
        5.8. Agile coaching Tools

  6. UNCONFERENCE: Unconference is a combination of Talks, Open Spaces, 1:1 Learnings from experts, Getting spotlight and stage, and co-creation in the majority of ways that create Great Good for all of its participants. AgilityToday Fest is centered around its Unconference that planned to happen on 27th & 28 Feb 2021. Join to get involved and receive all notifications on Unconference development. A snapshot of what you will receive in Unconf:
        6.1. 3D Program:
            6.1.1. Static Program:
            Invited and Selected sessions from Industry Experts.
            6.1.2. Dynamic Program:
            Shepherd sessions from Participants (New/Emerging Leaders).
             6.1.3. Open Space:
            A program co-created on the event day with participants.
        6.2. Gifts:
            6.2.1. 1-Year Agile Alliance membership (worth USD 100)
            6.2.2. Gift combo from Zoho (worth INR 10,000).
            6.2.3. 15% discount on all Epic Agility India Training(s).
            6.2.4. 15% discount on future AgileVirgin Events.
        6.3. Consulting Corner: 1:1 consulting with eminent leaders and experts.
        6.4. Open House: A Panel where you join leaders on stage to burning issues.
        6.5. Networking and Fun:
            6.5.1. Winners Board for all contests of the fest.
            6.5.2. Rapid networking.
            6.5.3. Social media promotion of participants and contestants
            6.5.4. Sponsors mall and gifts
            6.5.6. Games, Quizzes, and Contests 
        6.6. Agile Engineering Labs:
            6.6.1. Hands-on workshops on emerging technologies
            6.6.2. Effective engineering practices for Virtual/Distributed teams

  7. Agile Engineering Lab: A space for Developers and Technology experts where they find out what's new in the technology space and get their hands dirty with the latest. This year's lab is planned for the 6th & 7th of Mar 2021. Join to all notifications on the same.

  8. DREAM BIG: A program by women in Agile and Tech that focuses on fun, networking, learning, and development for Women. This year's theme is "Psychological Safety". Join to all notifications on the same.

Buy this pass for the entire fest and enjoy everything under the fest. Else you can buy separate passes for each space. We shall soon publish links.


This is an online event.
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