ABCR 5 OCEAN RUN RIDE | Event in NA | Townscript
ABCR 5 OCEAN RUN RIDE | Event in NA | Townscript


Jun 11 - Aug 06 | 12:00 AM (IST)
Online Event

Event Information

ABCR - 5 Ocean Run – Ride

Dive into the exhilarating world of the 5 Ocean Virtual Marathon, where the open seas become your course, and the waves of challenge bow to your schedule. With the 5 Ocean Virtual Marathon, you're the captain of your fitness voyage, free to embark on your aquatic adventure at your convenience, wherever you choose, and however you prefer to move – whether it's a leisurely amble, an invigorating jog, or a determined sprint.

Flex your maritime muscles by selecting your own distance from a range of options: 2km, 5km, 10km, 21km, or take on the ultimate 42km oceanic odyssey. It's your fitness journey, your way.

Here's the tide-turner: After you've conquered your chosen distance, simply share your achievement data with us, and you'll ride the currents to earn a prestigious E-Certificate, commemorating your triumphant voyage across the digital finish line.

But wait, there's more – when you chart a course to complete all five oceanic challenges, whether you tackle them individually or as a synchronized effort, a gleaming complimentary medal will await you at the end of your aquatic journey. This medal symbolizes your determination and the waves of accomplishment you've traversed.

So, whether you're a landlocked adventurer seeking the thrill of the ocean or a water lover looking to explore the depths of endurance, the 5 Ocean Virtual Marathon beckons. Register now, set your pace, and let the tides of accomplishment propel you toward a sea of victories.

Event Dates
SOUTHERN OCEAN – 11th June 2023
INDIAN OCEAN – 25th June 2023
ARTIC OCEAN – 9th July 2023
ATLANTIC OCEAN - 23rd July 2023
PACIFIC OCEAN – 6th Aug 2023

It’s the journey which matters not the arrival
1. ABCR – 5 Ocean Run/Ride is a virtual event, you can Run/Ride anytime on the event day as per your convenience.
2. Participant can Run/Ride anywhere in the world indoor/outdoor
3. Participant need to run using any running app to record the activity and take the screen shot of the activity. App like – Strava, Nike Run, Run Keeper etc.
4. Participant are supposed to share the activity data on this whats app number – 91 – 8752004200
5. Participant is supposed to share one screenshot of the run. Multiple activity/screenshots are not allowed.
6. Takeaways (Medal) if registered, will be couriered to participants at their respective addresses within next 30 days of event.

E- Certificate

Terms and Conditions-
"Please note that all registration fees for our virtual event are 100% non-refundable. Once payment is made, no refunds will be provided for any reason."


This is an online event
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