Sell your Event Tickets Online

Big Event? Small Event? One Time Event? Recurring Event? Non Profit Event? We’ve got you covered. Sell event tickets of different event types and sizes online seamlessly using Townscript! Townscript is a one-stop tech-driven event management software that helps its clients to manage and sell tickets of all kinds of events online.

Why Townscript is the Right Platform for You to Sell your Event Tickets Online?

Smart Online Ticket Selling Platform

Townscript is an advanced platform to manage event sales, payments, and attendees.

Offer Custom Ticket types & Discounts

Offer multiple tickets to attendees such as Early Bird, VIP, Round 1, etc, and various discounts to attendees such as code discounts, group discounts, flat discounts, and access codes to attract more attendees.

Multiple Currencies

Townscript supports 138+ major currencies across the world to reduce the friction due to currency exchange for all your attendees and give them an option to pay for your event in their preferred currency.

Townscript widget

Sell tickets online via your Website or Facebook using the Townscript Widget without redirections or any technical dependency on your tech team.

Transparent and Easy To Use

Townscript is simple to use software which empowers you to be in control of your ticketing and ticket-related data at all times.

Real-time analytics

You can have 100% transparency about your event registrations. You can see in real-time, how many people are visiting your event page, how many people bought the tickets, what amount of tickets have been sold.

Easy transfer and refund of tickets

Event attendees can easily edit their details and ask for refund/cancellation of tickets directly from the Townscript website.

API Integration

Transfer participant data on your own server or integrate with your CRM using our Registration API and access your sales data anytime from anywhere.

Additional Benefits

Townscript provides you with a few differentiators which no other platform provides. Here are a few benefits that would leave you in awe.

24/7 Customer Support

Townscript provides you with 24x7 customer support to address all your queries regarding your event on Townscript totally ​free.

Flexible Payouts

We know that your money needs to get to you and we make it reach you faster. We make sure that the money reaches you within a week post-reception.

Add-on tickets

You can Upsell and cross-sell complementary services and events while your target audience books a ticket or registers yourselves for an event readily with Townscript add-on tickets.
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