Online RSVP Software For Any Event

Create an experience that stays forever. ​Townscript is an integrated DIY ( Do-It-Yourself) online RSVP software to cover all the needs to manage your event flawlessly.

Why Is Townscript The Best Online RSVP Software?

Smart Registration Management

Townscript provides the end to end RSVP solution to manage registration, payments and attendee lists.

Custom questionnaire

Customize your online RSVP form with custom questions. With Townscript it is easy to collect all the necessary details that you want to collect from attendees.

Donations and gifts

Townscript gives you an option to keep the event free, yet collect donations and gifts from your attendees and get the amount deposited in your bank account.

Hassle-free Check-ins

Townscript RSVP software has onsite check-ins covered for you. Townscript helps you with hassle-free and automated attendee check-in management systems so that you get rid of those paper lists and long attendee queues.

Transparent and Easy To Use

Townscript is simple to use platform which empowers you to be in control of your event at all times.

Mobile app

An organizer mobile app that makes organizing and managing your event very simple. You can manage registrations, check-in for the attendees and also see comprehensive detailed analytics about your event.

Maximum reach

Free setup, no charges at any scale, reach a wider audience for free via Townscript marketplace for public events, thanks to our world-class search engine optimization.


Make announcements and communicate seamlessly with your attendees via emails using Townscript’s RSVP platform pre, post or during the event.

Additional Benefits

Townscript provides you with a few differentiators which no other RSVP platform provides. Here are a few benefits that would leave you in awe.

24/7 Customer Support

Townscript provides you with 24x7 customer support to address all your queries regarding your event on Townscript totally ​free.

Fast payout

We know that your money needs to get to you and we make it reach you faster. We make sure that the money reaches you within a week post-reception.

Secondary Events

Secondary, invite-only events to invite select guests in addition to the main event like post-event dinner, etc.
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