Best Race and Marathon Timing Solution

Townscript provides the most robust and efficient race and marathon timing management solution that is used by 3 out of 6 world majors like Berlin Marathon, Boston Marathon, and Chicago Marathon.

Why Townscript Race Timing Services?

World class timing equipment

Mat Technology instead of Antenna

Townscript timing solution makes use of the mat technology instead of the antenna solution used by other timing service providers which makes it highly accurate

Timing equipment used in 3 out of 6 world majors


BIB tag decoder

BIB detection mats

Most cost efficient timing

No separate vendors for different services

Townscript eliminates the need for an organizer to use separate vendors for registration, event marketing and timing management of the marathon events. We provide highly cost-effective package deals for the race organizers.

Highly trained and experienced timing team

Timing is more than just the equipment used

Highly experienced team of engineers, who have timed the highest number of events in the industry like Navi Mumbai Half Marathon (8k+ timed runners), Tuffman Gurugram Half Marathon, etc.

A reliable solution that works for any scale of the event

High detection rate

Greater than 99.8% detection rate, the best in the industry right now.

Maximum number of unique chip detections per second

Maximum chip passing speed

Highly customizable results announcements

Live to the web

Directly upload the race results on your website.

Show real-time results on any device

Not just a race timing solution

Townscript provides end to end Race Management solution

Townscript provides end to end Race Management solution and not just timing solution that can help you carry out your event smoothly. Click Here to know more about the Townscript - Race Management.

Still not sure If you want to use Townscript?

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