Townscript is the best alternative to Eventbrite.

Looking for an Eventbrite alternative? We've got you all the reasons to help you make the right decision and choose the best Eventbrite alternative. Below are some listed comparison between Townscript and Eventbrite. Hope you find what suits the best to you.

5 Reasons Why Townscript Is The Best Eventbrite Alternative?

Seamless Integration With Your Website

No redirection to other web pages

As smart Event Managers, we understand the Ticket buyers’ psychology of how smooth they expect the purchasing process to be. Unlike Eventbrite, we at Townscript provide seamless integration with your website, where we focus on not distracting your customers by changing payment gateways and help them complete the entire transaction on your website itself. In the case of Eventbrite, the ticket buyer gets redirected to Eventbrite Page which distracts the buyer.

Faster Payout Cycle

Leverage more cash flow

Most of the time we have observed that the event organisers are paid after the delivery of the event. As your event ticketing partner, we at Townscript understand your need of a good cash flow to manage the event. With Townscript you will also leverage instant payout to your stripe account in your currency. Unlike Eventbrite, we provide you with a customized payout cycle where the money is transferred to you on a daily / weekly / bi-monthly / monthly basis.

Marketing Services To Boost your Sales Up!

SMM support for your event

Maximum Sales of your event is all we want for you. And in this era of social media and maximum digital presence. We understand how important it is to promote business or event on social media for maximum sales. We help our customers by promoting and marketing their event on various social media channels and not only that but we also run paid marketing campaigns for better results in sales which of course is not done by Eventbrite. So now you know what to do. We also provide personalisation through creating a WhatsApp group for easy discussion and a smooth process.

We Are Always There When You Need Us!

24*7 Customer Support System

Even if you are using a platform to manage ticket sales, you need support to customise, support for managing last-minute hassles and more. While Eventbrite is a good tool, they do not offer a customer success manager to help you with your queries real-time. In our case, we are there for you over chat, phone, email to support you with a turn around time of 2 hours. In Eventbrite's case, you will have to wait for a day to get a reply, with no customisation support.

Flat Cost-Effective Pricing

Same Price For All The Features

We have always observed that everything that is above basic, turns out to be expensive. Eventbrite has three-tier pricing. Majority of the people use the professional plan which charges 3.5% + 1.59 USD per ticket, we charge 1.99% + 0.99 USD and provide support equivalent to their Premium plan. But here at Townscript, we work to break this tradition. And provide you with every feature at the same price. No hidden price included.

Get Acquainted With Our Features

Product Training Demo

We as event ticketing platform understand your need and to make your experience user- friendly, we provide you with a product training demo. This demo is completely designed with the objective to give you a better understanding of the product that we provide and how it works. We at Townscript want you to get acquainted with all our features. On the other hand, Eventbrite doesn’t offer any product demo to its users.

Still not sure If you want to use Townscript?

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