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7th Annual Global Convention, Of Entrepreneurs
27 Jan 2024 | 9:00 AM IST Onwards | IMT Ghaziabad Road
7th AGC 2023 Silver Conference pass
(Single Person entry) Inclusions: All meals for two days All conferences sessions. Networking with startups and investors.
Gold Conference Pass (Exhibition Stall + Two Conference passes)
Inclusions: All meals for two days (Super-50 selected startups have to complusory buy this option. Investors would like to interact with your startup more in details pre-and-post pitching). Blast off with our AGC2024 package for Rs. 9999/- and get: • A 6'x6' Stall Space for your product: Shine bright and attract investors in your premium exhibition stall. • Fuel your networking engine: Recharge with high teas, lunches, dinners, and breakfasts – all included! • Soak up the knowledge: Dive into inspiring talks and expert panels throughout the two-day conference. • Your own little HQ: We'll set you up with a table, chairs, electricity, lighting, and even a stall number. (Need a TV? No problem, just ask! Charges Separately) For more details call- +91 7057582533
Platinum Conference Pass (Center Stage Product Launch + Exhibition Stall + Two Conference Pass) REC
10 mins fame on the stage to launch your much coveted product. Press coverage. Special: Pitch in front of 200+ investors including India’s top VCs and angel investors Inclusions: All meals for two days Super Charge Your Product Launch! Pre-Launch: • Social Media Blitz: Your product takes the internet by storm! • Newsletter Hype-a-thon: Inboxes explode with your name! • Buzz Alarm: Prepare for the AGC2024 universe to take notice! Launch Show: • Captivating Story: Weave a spellbinding tale, even dragons listen! • Eye Candy Extravaganza: Prepare for visual fireworks (no literal explosions)! • Demo Explosion: Blow minds with a killer demo! • Galactic Live Stream: Reach beyond Earth, aliens welcome! • Double Dose of Buzz: Because once isn't enough! Post-Launch: • Media Frenzy & Photo Booth.
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