We Amritsar Runners (WAR) enrollment form | Event in Gurugram | Townscript
We Amritsar Runners (WAR) enrollment form | Event in Gurugram | Townscript

We Amritsar Runners (WAR) enrollment form

Jan 01 - 17 | 07:00 PM (IST)

Event Information

We Amritsar Runners (WAR) is Amritsar's oldest and largest volunteer running community having men, women and children as its members aiming at providing free structured training for marathons, cyclothons and triathlons, all year round.

Year of formation: 26th May, 2016

Mehak Kapoor: Founder and Head Coach

Balwinder Singh: Co-Founder and Head Coach

Number of Members: This group has a reach of 5000+ runners in Punjab and has around 150 active members in it.

Vision: To provide free structured training in the field of outdoor sports of running, cycling and triathlon all year round. This group is open to anyone and everyone who wants to learn and grow with the community.

Our Values: We believe in community service. Every member in this group is a contributor of the community and grows as the community grows. 

Commandments of WAR

- Usage of abusive language is strictly prohibited.

 - Running any parallel fitness group within or outside WAR influencing people to join is not allowed. If a WhatsApp group needs to be formed for co-ordination of an event, the same should be discussed with mentors before proceeding. No sub-group containing members of WAR for training/co-ordination purposes is allowed to be created without the knowledge of mentors. 

- Follow group schedules even if u have yours if you are coming for group workouts. If you need to follow a different workout, discuss it with mentors before.

- We choose certain training plans according to the events we participate in. We are free to choose our own schedules but wherever we go, we go as WAR, one community. Event calendar is shared every few months.

- Leaving the group unannounced is considered as disrespect to the entire community, in this case members wont be added back.

- Suggestions to be communicated directly to the mentors. We strongly discourage lobbying, criticism behind back and gossip. Constructive criticism is always welcome to be put forth for the interest of the group.

- WAR is a community where every individual is a contributor. If you have any special skill, yoga/zumba/functional workout, do let us know, we would be happy to have your contribution.

- Promotions of any sort are not allowed, neither are any messages not related to running/outdoor sports/fitness.

- Try to keep your personal friendships and messages outside this community.

- There is only one aim Outdoor Endurance sports.

- Anytime you want to leave the community, the same should be communicated to the mentors before leaving the WhatsApp group.

- Community t-shirt is not mandatory to be worn but there are some occasions we all like to wear our blue WAR t-shirt: Sunday runs, sports events: marathons, cyclothons and Triathlons, special runs like Xmas/Annual Day/New year or any other mentioned by the mentors. T-shirt is a gesture of members of gratitude and belongingness towards our community.

- WAR also hosts events like marathons, cyclothons and Triathlons. Participation in WAR events is a matter of personal choice of members.

- WAR runs donation drives on different occasions, you as an esteemed member of the community have all the rights to chose if you want to contribute. No one will be treated differently if they chose to be on either side of it.

- Community grows with everyone's contribution so take pride in doing your part but everyone have the right to chose the medium of contribution.

- If a person(s) is found violating any of the commandments listed above, his/her membership will be ceased. 


Our Trainings

Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Timings: Morning, 5:15-7am in summers and 6:00-7:30am in winters

Locations: We have different location on training days. Trillium cycling track, Rose Garden and Company Bagh are some of the locations, exact location is shared on WhatsApp group with the schedule.

Type of Training: Running- 3 days a week, Cycling 1 day a week, Strength Training 1 day a week, Yoga once a month.

Fees: No money. Only Gratitude!


Gurugram, India (Exact venue to be decided)
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