The Testing Lab- Full Day Hands-on Workshop teaching how to Test Faster and Better | Event in Bangalore | Townscript
The Testing Lab- Full Day Hands-on Workshop teaching how to Test Faster and Better | Event in Bangalore | Townscript

The Testing Lab- Full Day Hands-on Workshop teaching how to Test Faster and Better

Jan 18 | 10:00 AM (IST)

Event Information

Hello Bengaluru Testers,

Here is another awesome workshop your way, from one of the Best in the Business. 

"The Testing Lab- Full Day Hands-on Workshop to learn Testing Faster and Better" by Ajay Balamurugadas (Tricentis Exploratory Tester of the Year | AVP Delivery Qapitol QA)

Happening on 18th January, 2020 in Bangalore



Exact venue would be updated soon.

Who should attend?

  • Tester of any experience willing to improve their Testing skills through hands-on exercises.
  • Test Lead/Manager interested to learn how to set the right Testing culture in the Team.
  • Any Tester willing to learn how to test Softwares faster and better.
  • Anyone who wants to get their Testing approach validated.
  • Anyone who is willing to unLearn the wrong.
  • Anyone who is willing to start the Testing journey, and start it right.Event Schedule

Why one should attend?

  • Know the biases in day to day testing.
  • Learn the default behaviours of how you test.
  • Understand the traps in each activity.
  • Discover how other testers think and relate to the same exercises.
  • Learn easy to apply tips for long term benefits in testing.
  • Unlearn the bad habits that have crept in the testing thought process and activities.

Event Outline: 

The best learning happens when there is hands-on participation from the participants in addition to the instructor sharing their insights. The Testing Lab is in fact a Lab with testing activities to simulate real world experiences.

What is the focus of the Testing Lab?

There are key elements of any testing session. Right from understanding the mission, taking the right approach, using the right set of test data to collaborating with multiple stakeholders and sharing the insights from testing, there are multiple areas within any testing activity that needs sharp skills. 

We would focus on those skills by getting the participants to focus on the simulated problems and highlight the areas of improvement after every exercise. Though most of the solutions are simple and known, we need to experience the traps to realize the importance of those solutions. 

There is enough freedom to make new mistakes, experiment with different approaches and collaborate with participants of the workshop who would come with diverse experience and skill sets. Individual attention to each participant would be provided. You would be put under just enough pressure to deliver both in terms of expectations and timelines. We would focus on the approach, the tools, test data, the presentation skills, domain understanding and problem solving skills. 


Section# 1: Simulation of real world Testing Situations



Come up with a test strategy to achieve the highest test coverage and demonstrate a sample of the strategy while you are being closely watched by Instructor.

What you will be provided with:

  • Problem Statement
  • Access to the systems
  • Architecture diagram or some design document
  • Access to Subject matter expert

Skills put to Test:

  • Quick learning
  • Testing techniques
  • Test Strategy
  • Test Reporting
  • Collaboration
  • Selection & Usage of tools

Assessment by Instructor:

  • Learning driven through unLearning
  • Review of each Team’s work
  • What went well
  • What could have been better in the given context
  • Why we fail to realise (or respond well to) the traps
  • Few important habits we can try to form in order to respond, and respond better
  • Personalised Feedback

Section# 2: Another simulation but this time you are more powerful than ever before


What will be provided:

  • Problem Statement
  • Mock System
  • Access to potential Test Data
  • DB/API access as applicable

Skills put to test:

  • Ability to unLearn
  • Learning from previous debrief

Section# 3: Revisiting the Learnings

About Instructor Ajay Balamurugadas

Test Professional & Leader with 12+ Years of Industry Experience. A graduate of Problem Solving Leadership, BBST Courses by AST, Rapid Software Testing, Rapid Testing Intensive workshop, Lean Software Testing Workshop, Ajay Balamurugadas doesn’t hesitate to spend on his learning. Starting his career as a software tester, he continues to be a hands-on software tester along with training new testers, meeting testers in person, presenting at conferences, conducting workshops and sharing his thoughts through his blog and tweets.

Ajay started with testing standalone desktop applications and soon moved on to web applications and mobile applications. His journey was boosted by co-founding Weekend Testing (, Test Maniac ( His short books( are popular with many testers for the practical and ready to use tips. 

He considers being inducted into ‘Bach Brothers’ Testing Legion of Merit’, presenting keynote at CAST 2015 ( and attending Problem Solving Leadership workshop by Jerry Weinberg and Esther Derby to be his big achievements till date. He is also happy at the number of testers who have been influenced positively by his interactions.

Know more at |

So what are you waiting for? Register NOW. 

With Love,
The Test Tribe Team


Bangalore (Exact venue to be decided)
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