The Great Ganga Run - New Delhi | Event in New Delhi | Townscript
The Great Ganga Run - New Delhi | Event in New Delhi | Townscript

The Great Ganga Run - New Delhi

Sep 15 '19 | 05:30 AM (IST)

Event Information

Maa Ganga invites you to the JLN Stadium, New Delhi, and join the National movement for Water Conservation and run to show your commitment towards this campaign ensuring water security.

The National Mission for Clean Ganga, Ministry of Jal Shakti, presents The Great Ganga Run on 15th September 2019, as a jan-andolan to save and secure water. It’s time to show our support and act to bring about Positive Change on Water Conservation and River Rejuvenation.

Date: 15/09/2019 (Sunday)
Venue: Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi
Categories & Eligibility (as per age on or before 31st August 2019): 
2 Kms non-timed Run - minimum 8 years
5 Kms non-timed Run - minimum 12 years
10 Kms Timed Run - minimum 16 years
21 Kms Timed Half Marathon - minimum 16 years

Registrations are ABSOLUTELY FREE for ALL!

Inclusions: Bib, Timing chip (as per the category), T-shirt, post run refreshments, Finisher’s medal and E-Certificate.

Terms & Conditions (WAIVER):

1. The Participant hereby agrees to follow all instructions as set down by the organisers of ‘The Great Ganga Run’, hereafter referred as the Event. The Organisers reserve the right to reject applications of participants who refuse to follow or adhere to the instructions in this regard.
2. The Participant hereby waives, releases, and discharges any and all claims for damage(s) for personal injury, death or damage or loss to any property or part thereof including, without limitation to the articles/ belongings which the Participant may have carry or which may hereafter accrue to the Participant, as a result of his/her participation in the Event. This release is a firm commitment to discharge the Parties from any and all liability arising out of or connected in any way with the participation of the Participant in the Event.
3. The Participant understands that they are voluntarily participating in the Event, which shall pass through routes, public streets and areas which may be potentially hazardous activity, may result in serious personal injury or death. The participant should not enter and participate unless he/she is medically fit. The Participant is aware of and voluntarily assumes full and complete responsibility for all risks associated with participating in this Event, including, without limitation, falls, contact with other participants, the effects of weather, including high temperature and/or humidity and/or rain, and/or cold, traffic congestion, conditions of the streets and routes used for the Event, and he/she commutes that his/her participation in this Event is voluntary. It is hereby agreed that this waiver, release and assumption of risk shall be binding on the Participant’s heirs and assigns. The Participant as such unequivocally declares that there are no health-related reasons or problems which preclude his/her participation in the Event.
4. The Participant accepts to follow the route, schedule and/or other details presented in the catalogue or on the website subject to modification, change or cancellation by the organisers, as and when required or unavoidable. The organiser shall not be held responsible for any such change / alteration / cancellation.
5. The Participant has been duly advised to choose the event category carefully and as such confirm that the registrations shall neither be modified nor transferable.
6. The Participant accepts that the organisers are free to send notifications to the email ID/mobile number that has been provided. 7. The Participant must strictly adhere to the minimum age of entry for the Event, as stipulated in each category.
7. General Conduct:
The Great Ganga Run is a solemn event, a celebratory Run, and participants are requested to keep this in mind at all times. The Participant shall at all times follow the following:-
(a) Practice good sportsmanship.
(b) Be responsible for own safety and also commit not
hinder the safety of others.
(c) Obey route traffic regulations and instructions from designated officials.
(d) Treat other participants, officials, volunteers, and spectators with respect and courtesy.
(e) Avoid use of abusive language.
(f) Strictly avoid consumption of alcohol/ intoxication.
(g) Avoid littering enroute and shall use bins/bags
provided for garbage disposal, in consonance with the Swachh Bharat National Mission.
8. The Participation shall be liable for disqualification from the Great Ganga Run as a result of any infringement of the Conditions or any such rules and regulations.
9. The Organisers observe a policy of ‘Litter-free’ and ‘Noise- free’ events, and request all participants to observe this policy.
10. Hydration Points would be positioned at regular points throughout the 5Km, 10Km and 21Km routes.
11. The Great Ganga Run Medallions (finisher medallions) will be given to all participants who finish the Run in their respective categories.
12. The participants, running in 10 Km and 21 Km categories, who complete the Run will be able to download their Event Participation certificates with their Timing from the website.
13. The Participant hereby grants irrevocable right to the organiser to use his/her name and media may record event during his/her participation to publicise the event.
14. The Participant acknowledges and agrees that her personal information can be stored and used by The Great Ganga Run or any other company associated with the organisation, for promotion and administration of the event and for the compilation of statistical information.
15. The Participant will keep checking website and social media pages for additional any information and instructions, which may be required.
16. Acknowledgement of Understanding: The Participant declares that all information provided by him/her is true and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge, failing which his/her participation in the event may be cancelled or terminated. Participant hereby commits that she is hereby accepting the aforesaid terms and conditions freely of her own volition and voluntarily which upon such acceptance shall become binding, further she knowingly commits all such risks and hazardous involvement in the event and unconditional release Parties from all liabilities, if any arise therefrom.
17. Acknowledgment of Understanding by Minor Participants: The Minor Participant’s parent/guardian shall ensure that they acknowledge and agree the terms and conditions hereof shall be applicable and binding upon them. The parent/guardian voluntarily allowing/ approving the Minor Participant’s participation in the Event. The parent/guardian are fully aware of all risks and hazards incidental in the ‘Event’ and release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the Parties for any claim arising out of an injury to the Minor’s Participant or from any claims, arising out of or connected with the Minor Participant’s participation in the Event.
(a) “Participant” shall mean any person who is participating in the Event (who will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions hereof); and
(b) “Minor participant” shall mean a Participant having an age of less than18 years as on the date of the Event.


Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi
Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi, India
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