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THE GIG NIGHTS | Event in Delhi | Townscript


Multiple Dates | 07:00 PM (IST)

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2020 has surprised us, challenged us and made us evolve!

By the time we hit the 6th month of Covid 19, Delhiites got their veins tickling! The music, lights, starry nights have started to call us out.
But don't take us for dummies, because when we step out , we take extreme precaution and care!

So! The weekend is approaching and you and your friends are planning what to do? You might want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city but not want to travel the distance? You might be looking for a live artist performance that makes you sing along ? You love the camping scene and maybe a campfire and BBQ thrown in as well?

But at the same time you want privacy, you want safety and you want to have some fun!

The Gig Night Camp is here to give you weekend chilling goals!

Imagine this. You are amidst nature, sitting around a bonfire with your friend circle in a marked area that no one else can enter, some live acoustic music, barbecue food; and all this with the company of some great four-legged friends! Almost heaven? We think so too!! Having grown up on great old school music like rock n roll, blues and jazz a camp-night like this with live music is right up our alley. Yet no-one has done it like we at Kerry want it to be done.

We’ve already had gig nights on our adventures and treks. Bonfire, guitar, music – quite a natural progression we’d say. Seeing how wonderful and enjoyable these casual jams always were, we decided to have a camp-night centered around music.

At this amazing location the musicians will keep you engaged with their peppy music and sing-along sessions well into the wee hours of the morning. Not to forget the campfire keeping us warm and the lip smacking BBQ for when you get hungry!

Come along, because it will be an experience like none other. Come along, so you can brag to everyone you know that you were there for the Gig Night Camp.

Come, and sing along with us for an unforgettable experience

What we give you :
Screening of a short movie.
Live acoustic music.
Campfire and barbecue (optional) to enjoy during the performance.
Evening Snacks, Dinner and breakfast (next day)
Pets & Kids friendly campsite accommodation.
Get up the next morning have tea/coffee

Ticket Includes :
Over night stay in tents. (Dome/Swiss Tents)
Dinner & Breakfast
Barbecue / Snacks during performance
Live music by a band/artist
Movie Screening

- Littering the place is NOT allowed. FINE ON LITTERING.
- Pet food is not available, kindly bring pet food along.
- Smoking in the tents are strictly prohibited.
- Aggressive, abusive people shall not be tolerated at the camp.
- No entry allowed in the camp post 6 pm.

Organisers reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the camp site if the camp rules are not followed. 
We do not allow people leaving the camp after it gets dark. We shall not be responsible for anyone or anything in any circumstances outside the camp boundarie


- Kindly carry your own plastic glasses, tissue rolls, etc. Camp will serve food in their own cutlery.
- Each attendee must have AROGYA SETU installed. 
- Only those who are declared safe by the app will be allowed in he camp.
- Wearing masks AT ALL TIMES is necessary.

- 07.00 pm - 08.30 pm : Screening of a short movie.     
- 08.30 pm - 10.30 pm : Live acoustic music.     
- 10.30 pm - 11.00 pm : Dinner      
- 08.30 pm : 10.30am : Breakfast

Barbeque snacks will be served around the 8 pm.

- Overnight stay in tents/lodges.  
- Dinner & Breakfast
- Barbecue / Snacks during performance
- Live western music by a band/artist
- Movie Screening
- Bonfire

Special prices for groups. Special prices for Christmas n New Years! Please contact us for the same..
We welcome campers of all ages. We are pet and kid friendly.
So give us a call/whatsapp for any further clarifications you may require; bookings & availability or anything thing small detail :

Shalini Yadav : +91 9654819775 | Ryan Dalton : +91 9811588399
Email ID :


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